Nigerian scam!

My mom was scamed... She didn't tell me much about it but all I know is, she was talking to a guy friend who was from New York with the name of David. He also had a 12 year old daughter, no parents and no wife and no friends.

He was a self employed contractor working on a bridge in Nigeria and needed money.... One day my mom was asking me for money because she has a friend in trouble and needs money so at that point I didn't know anything about it and gave my mom $22,000... My mom received the money then went to the bank to send it to him... Two days after giving my mom the money I went to her and started asking questions and what se was telling me seem kinda "too good to be true" and it just didn't add up so I went on my computer and looked it up and yup it was a scam.

I started freaking out because I was just trying to help my mom out and she might have lost my $22000... I was sending my mom links of similar story's and she realized it was a scam, but I got lucky some how the money did not get sent to him some how the money didn't go through.

God stopped it and I got my money back, however my mom sent some of her own money and didn't get it back.. Please don't fall for this man asking for money from you with his fake sad story as he's just a waste of time. 11/21/2013

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