Nigerian scam/ US

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Beware of Dr Kenwood May using Zalo then Whatsapp then Hangout to chat with you and flaming that single father as wife died 6 years ago. Has 1 daughter name Daisy and son Bryan. He claimed that he is an UN orthopaedic Surgeon in Yemen. He is using the email and his daughter Daisy They are considered dangerous as already stole $65k from my account. He claimed that he lived in Georgia and born in North Carolina. He also gave me his online bank account but this is not real as it showed that he has $150m in the bank account. But he can't access the money so plead me to pay for vacation fee then flight fee and proxy marriage certificate.

His daughter sent me an email and asked for iPhone XS Max for her and her brother and apple laptop. After a month she sent me another email that said that her phone and laptop were robbed when they were out for picnic. I never knew about the Nigerian scam or Romance scam and I never use the internet. This is my first time and I learnt the lesson in a hard way after I lost $65k.

Maybe I am the first person that these scammers got a lot of money so he keeps contacting me by using different social Media. This guy has a team of scammers internationally and he asked me to transfer money to a UN agent in Australia then Rome and United States but mainly in Texas and in Vietnam

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Feb 26, 2020
by: Anonymous

Social Catfish has article explaining the Playbook. It talks about opening links and sent a link for some bitcoin free coins. Now I understand it was for a reason. Before my prominent businessman got in a serious accident leaving to meet me he declared retirement and to have me as next Of kin. Silly now as is it possible to make me next of kin without carrying his name. Again sent a link to a bank account so I Would think he was wealthy.

Given password that opened up and told him he kept saying dont go Into the account while I'm out of the country in the UK. The second time needing funds he said please Go to the account. It was locked after many months in hospital and he couldn't pay the bill. They didn't want him to
become their trouble. Nine months later after many sob crazy stories to fraud me and he did. Finally he got home. Needs iTunes cards to see
someone for help. And get food along the way. Then no way was all the millions stolen. Now he was in hospital once again. Cry me million as more buckets of fake.

Beware as they lie and they take your funds.
I know this to be a fact while you struggle.
It's all lies by a creep taking from you.

Jan 03, 2020
by: Anonymous

Alexander mathe, age 54, Location. Odense Denmark, active on tagged

Mar 20, 2019
by: Anonymous

So sorry to read your story. it upsets me to know scammers got away with their crime.

There is a way to stop them. To tell about stories like yours. Sad but the more we talk, the more people will be aware of this criminal ways.

Keep the good mind and I hope you recover, not only financially but mainly emotionally.

Take care

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