Nigerian Russian scams

by Stef
(Orange County Ca)

I had only been on a Dating site for about a month. I've been slammed by potential Scammers. First were the one's posing as USA military. They are all overseas. One guy, Jeffery Seppe, started off sugar sweet. Then he wanted me to send him money for a plane ticket after a week of us communicating.

I told him no way! He then wanted a phone under my carrier. I said no! He got angry. The one thing that he did get away with was photos of me. Nothing innapropiate, but I realized that they use photos to create more fake profiles. I still feel robbed.

Another guy is named Dwayne Pascal who claims to be from Poland. He claimed to live local, however, his phone number is from Boston. I live in California. Then he said that he actually lives in Florida. He had to leave to Ukraine for work. Construction on roads. I can go on and on.

They are all new on the dating site. They all have out of State phone numbers. They first ask on my dating experience. I just tell them that I have not found the "One" .

Then there was Rick. This time I was ready! I got him so confused, he couldn't keep his story straight. He even got his eye color wrong. He said brown, his profile said blue! I had asked for more photos. I did get a few, however, they did not look like his profile. I got photos of some dorky looking guy in some far away place that wasn't anything close to looking from Orange County.

He said that they were taken local and recent. It's Summer. Heat wave! He's wearing a heavy sweater with Lamas on it. Something great for an ugly Christmas party.

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