Nigerian Romance Scam

by John Doe
(Edgewood, Md US)

Nigerian Scammer Levine Shaffer/Jim Blackwell

Nigerian Scammer Levine Shaffer/Jim Blackwell

Hello Everyone, I am a private investigator who is posting the story of Sandy Bare for her protection. She is unaware that im doing this. Her story is a sad one to tell. On (10/30/18) Her 53rd Birthday she met a man named "Levine Shaffer" On Facebook and got herself involved in a year long relationship with him that I believe is a Fake Nigerian Romance Scam. Im very aware of these scams and know what they are all about.

I believe that Levine Shaffer is a Nigerian Romance Scammer, A Money Laundering Wiring Criminal and Chat Room and Dating site Romance Scammer. What these male scammers do is steal photos of innocent men and create numerous fake profiles on Facebook in both men and womens names to hide their true identity. This is called "Catfishing". Its how they lure their female victims in. They also do this in chat rooms and on dating sites sending numerous fraudulent letters and emails to their female victims promising them happiness and love while awaiting their replies. Once they developed a relationship with you and gain your trust they will ask you if you have a bank account or to open up a Wells Fargo Account so that they can have their money direct deposited into it for you to wire back to them mainly via Western Union to receivers who are Money Laundering Criminals.

You might also be asked if they can have money wired to you via Western Union to pick up for them and wire back to them via Western Union to numerous different receivers at certain times. This is the Money Laundering Wiring Fraud Scam. Don't Fall For It!

They might also ask you for ITunes Cards. What these scamners do is use them to purchase their own apps, ringtones, sell them to online consumers for fast cash or give them as gifts to their other love interests. Be very careful if you fall victim to Levine Shaffer because he is a very clever and intelligent scammer.

There use to be a man on Facebook who went by the name of "Jim Kennedy Blackwell" I was following whom I believe was Levine Shaffer. Lets just say when he found out that I was following him that the account is no longer on there.

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Jan 18, 2024
The stolen photo is Travis Teel
by: Toria

Travis Teel lives in Corpus Christi, Texas. Realtor, leader for the Travis Teel Team under RE/MAX Professionals of Corpus Christi, specializes in residential and commercial real estate sales.

You can see his photo on various social media and dating sites

Remember Travis Teel is innocent.

His photos have been stolen

Feb 23, 2021
Who is this man?
by: Anonymous

So who is the man on the picture??

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