Nigerian Romance Scam Some Warning Signs on WWF2

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


This is just one small part of a Nigerian romance scam.

Nigerian romance scammers work to a script and a well honed set of questions. The criminals, in some cases, talk with each other about their victims and some of the personal data they are collecting. Foremost, they want love as fast as possible. Many would know they try to give it as soon as they can.

Elsewhere on this site is a good example of that "love" with "Jimmy Steve" after just a few hours on Hangouts you're "husband and wife" according to him. You can see how they do it at the link below;

To get what they want, it is always them who approach you on social media, dating or a gaming app. Their purpose is to start a discussion and move you off the platform you met on as soon as possible. Usually to Google Hangouts or WhatsApp.

There are tell tale signs they're a scam from the moment you meet. You should look for the following if someone approaches you on social media, a dating site or game.

- The person used in their profile picture is always attractive
- Their profile will be new or only recently created
- They will have very few friends
- Their profile page will have minimal account activity. On Facebook for example. No timeline posts, no photos uploaded and even not a single friend
- The spelling will be poor also the grammar with any description about themselves.

Part of their set of questions is to find out how experienced or long you've been online. As far as they're concerned anywhere on the web is "online dating" So if you see the following questions take them as a scam warning;

- How long have you been playing the game?
- How long have you been online dating?
- Are you a member of any other online dating sites?
- What are you looking for here? (They use that a lot on any non dating site)

They'll always say they are new to "online dating" then tell their tale of woe and misfortune.

In the page linked below I show how by asking simple questions you can catch them out when you meet.

Now, I'll show some exchanges that mostly never made it to Hangouts. I'm referring to screenshots taken on WWF2. It is a game with a chat feature. In most cases they block me as I'm refusing to answer their questions, or mostly, I'm offended by their arrogance.

This one is an oil rig worker on a rig and he's just told me he is there with his workers.

Me: What is the name of the oil rig you're on?

Him: What are you doing now

Me: What is the name of the oil rig you're on?

Him: Chevron

Me: That's a company. Name the oil rig you are on.

Him: It's where I'm working

Me: What is the name of the oil rig you're on?

I'm blocked. Next, I'm playing WWF2 and accept a chat, they just want Hangouts immediately;

Him: Hello

Me: Hello

Him: Where are you playing from

Me: Read my profile

Him: What are you doing now?

Me: It's 3 am and I'm trying to sleep

Him: Oh really?

Him: It's 11:06 am here

Me: Let me sleep

Him: What are you doing now?

Him: Are you there

Him: You don't chat?

Him: Hello

Me: I told you I'm trying to sleep

Him: Do you have Hangouts? We can text over there and get to know each other better

Him: Send me your Hangouts address so I can contact you

Him: I'm waiting

Me: Edit Even I was offended by my response.

They block me. In this case 11 texts into us talking he is demanding my Hangouts account without even knowing my alias name. I've a feeling that's one having a second attempt at my alias similar to the next one. 1.5 months after we stopped talking on Hangouts, back they came on the game after a brief Hangouts exchange when I threw an egg.

Him: How are you?

Me: Do you understand the meaning of that big word I sent?

Him: It's all lies

Me: Oh here we go again

Him: You can't believe what your friend tell you

Me: Why does your profile here display pictures of 2 different men?

Him: That's not true

Me: Would you like a screenshot?

They stopped but continued on with the game. It's a perfect example of their refusal to accept their lies The next one again on WWF2 wants to get right to the point.

Him: Hello

Me: Hello

Him: How are you today?

Me: I'm fine thanks and you?

Him: Tell me about your love life

Me: Edit Even I'm surprised I wasn't kicked off the app for the reply I sent.

Blocked again. The above give you an idea about their arrogance and why I'm offended by it. I don't know how women are made to tolerate such behaviour. As you can see, they refuse to answer questions A few more now similar to the above, they don't like questions.

A polite but brief exchange has taken place and now he wants to know about me, his profile picture is him and 2 children.

Him: How many children do you have?

Me: I see you have 2

Him: I asked first

Me: This isn't the schoolyard

Him: What do you mean?

Me: How old are you?

Him: What did you mean?

Me: How old are you?

Him: Tell me about your family

Me: How old are you?

Him: Why don't you answer me????

Me: How old are you?

Blocked. I'd like to think if you're meeting someone online they'd tell you their age or at least let you get a word in sideways. Maybe he thought I was a BOT! To the next, I accept a chat;

Him: Hello

Me: Hello

Him: You play the game so well

Me: How can you say that after 1 move?

Blocked. That does look harsh. Over the course of this year I've seen that question a lot from Nigerians and in this case the profile was a day old. To the next;

Him: Where are you playing from?

Me: Australia and you?

Him: I'm a petroleum engineer

Me: That's not a location

Him: What do you do for a living?

Me: Please tell me where you are playing from

Him: I told you

Him: am a petroleum engineer

Me: You're playing from the location of a petroleum engineer?

Him: Yes

If you're that stupid I'm blocking you! He didn't even have an answer for his own first question and chances are he will never understand why I blocked him.

The last, just admitted he was a 26 year old Nigerian. After 3 days of chat he declares it's his birthday in 2 days time and he tells my alias to give Steam cards on the game and to move to Hangouts to send them;

Me So you'll turn 27 on Friday?

Him: Yes dear

Me: I'm sure you'll enjoy it

Him: Send me your Hangouts

Me: Why?

Him: So you can give me my present

Me: What would that be?

Him: Get me some steam

Me: Huh?

Him: On Hangouts you can send me the Steam cards

Me: What Steam cards?

Him: My present

Me: You want me to go to Hangouts so I can send you Steam cards?

Him: That's right my dear

Him: The present you are getting for me

Me: Edit Another reply so offensive I know they're going to kick me off!

There are many online romance warnings around the web but I'd like people to be able to see these as a good example as to what takes place on WWF2 and the first part of their script. I've attached 4 more pictures of innocent people used in Nigerian romance scams as well.

In short, they want to ask the questions. You should deflect them and ask your own. If you have met a real person they'll answer right away, the 2 of you will work to get to know each other and build a rapport. Nigerians and also those from around Africa are unable to do that.

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Nov 30, 2020
More Scrabble GO
by: Biggles777


More from Scrabble GO. They are very impatient and just want to get you to Hangouts or WhatsApp. A few more exchanges below;

This is Klaus Walter and edited a little;

Him: I'm from Germany but currently working in Turkey with an oil servicing company

Him: I'm a medical doctor

Him: I'm on a one year contract with the oil servicing company here

Him: What's your job?

Me: Edit

Him: Are you married?

Me: No

Him: okay

Him: I'm divorced

Him: My ex wife cheated on me with my best friend and ran away with all my savings

Him: It was a really bad experience

Me: Good morning and I'm sorry to hear that

Him: Thanks [edit]

Him: I really need someone to confide on

Him: Can we write ourselves via email

Him: Hope you don't mind

Me: What do you mean?

Him: Can you go to your play store an download hangout right now

Him: I'm always active there

Him: You can add me up with my email


Edit: He is still waiting and if I didn't know better I'm talking with this lot already.

Now to James who hits you hard, ha no patience and runs away when you don't reply

Him: Hello

Him: Pretty let's have fun together,what's the need we playing and not chatting,it would be of no use, let's get it on

Edit: Seriously? His first message!

Me: Hi James

Him: So where are you chatting from?

Him: Let's keep playing an dchatting, that would be more interesting and fun tho!

Him: Hello?

Him: ???

Him: If you don't want to chat with me then the game is good as dead so no need playing the game. play

Him: Chat. that's the fun in the game so lets have fun together baby

Edit: No way! I ignore and he resigns. They work together in some cases.

One will try Hangouts and the other WhatsApp. Their former wife died tragically or cheated and ran off. If you pushback both the names resign at the same time.

But my alias met Randy too and he wasn't wasting time;

Him: Hello

Me: Hello

Him: You're so hot send me your WhatsApp number sweetie.

Me: Edit

How do women tolerate this?

Nov 29, 2020
Scrabble GO
by: Biggles777


It is the same on Scrabble GO. A lot of young Nigerians just wanting to take you to Hangouts for more experienced scammers to sweet talk you into love.

They don't want your name, just play and get you off the game. I avoid answering as much as I can and they resign or finish the game. Some examples;

This is Bernado M

Him: How are you doing?

Me: I'm fine thanks and you?

Him: I am fine. So where are you from?

Me: Australia and you?

Him: Am originally from italy but lived most my life here in the states,after death of my wife had to move with my daughter to texas to

Him: Start a new life. are you married with kids?

Me: Okay I live with my [edit]

Him: And you husband? I have a daughter who is 14 year old and ever since the death of my wife she all i have now

Him: ???

Me: I'm divorced. Why are you impatient?

Him: Sorry. I lost my wife 4 years ago due to respiratary disease. So how long have you been divorced?

Me: A few years, isn't it late in Texas?

Him: I'm not in Texas now. I'm in the Boreal rainforest in Yukon Canada for my project and the time here is 05:54

Me: Okay

Him: After your divorce haven't you been in a relationship?

Him: After the death of my wife i've once been in a relationship but it couldn't work out cause the woman was a cheat and she treats my daughter

Him: badly whenever I've travelled for a project

Him: are you there??

Edit: I chose not to reply and he resigned. The next is another claiming to be with the UN in Syria. We say hello and then;

Him: We'll I'm in Syria on a peace keeping mission

Him: My child is under the UN boarding school. You know Syria is a war zone so i can't go with my only child so the UN take good care of

Him: My child

Me: Okay. I guess you're in the army? What do you do?

Him: Well I have a contract of peace keeping mission in Syria

Me: How can that be? The UN don't have a single person in Syria. Call New York and they'll agree

Him: Well you no nothing about the UN have a contract

Me: You can't even say which army or what you do. Go on, call the UN they have no one in Syria.

Him: Alright

Edit: Away he went too and his handle is Tommy O. The next just wants to go straight to Hangouts. Jason A or Jason Anthony a contract worker on a ship. We say hello then this;

Him: I'm a single dad with a daughter

Him: What are you doing right now?

Him: Are you there?

Me: Okay

Me: I was not here

Him: Do you live alone?

Me: I'm like you

Him: Okay?

Him: Do you have a pet?

Me: Yes

Him: What type of pet?

Me: A dog

Him: Are you on Hangouts?

Me: Yes I have it

Him: Can you send me your email address so I can add you up?

Me: No. I hardly know you and I use it for work.

Him: Can you add me up

Him: Let me send you my email address so you can add me

Me: Why? I don't even know your name.

Him: My name is Jason Anthony

Him: And you

Him: Are you there

Me: Yes, I'm here but it's getting late

Him: So can you add me now

Me: No. I only know your name.

Him: I'm a single dad with a daughter

Him: She is 15 years old

Him: We know more about ourselves on Hangouts please

Him: Are you there

Me: This app has chat so we can talk.


Him: This is my email address so you can add me up

Him: Are you there

Him: Hello[edit]

Edit: The next day

Him: Please can you add me on Hangouts now

Me: We can talk here

Him: I don't usually come here my dear because of the type of work I do

Me: What work is that?

Him: I'm a contraction engineer I work on a ship

Me: Okay. Are you on it now?

Him: Yes

Him: Have you add me my dear

Him: Are you there

Me: I'm here

Him: Can you add me now

Him: So you don't want to add me okay

Him: Can you send your email address so I can add you

Me: No. We can talk here it's why there's a chat feature

With that he stops.

3 examples of kids who only participate in phishing for victims. Their English is very poor and they can't or won't go into much, if any, detail about who they are.

Nov 13, 2020
Dr Perry Knight on WWF2
by: Biggles777


Dr Perry Knight is a doctor in the army with the United Nations in Syria and without knowing my name he expects me to go to Hangouts. This is slightly edited to keep it short but you can learn how to avoid a Nigerian scam from it;

Him: Hello

Him: How are you going today

Me: Hello, I'm fine thanks and you?

Him: am from Huntsville Alabama and you?

Him: Where are you?

Me: Australia

Him: How's the weather over there?

Him: I saw your profile when looking for an old friend, I said I should say hello to you cause your profile sounds good

Him: Are you married with kids?

Me: No

Him: I would really love for us to get to know each other better if you don't mind?

Me: We can chat here

[Edit: He has what he wants, a single woman]

Him: Well my dear friend I can play game with you here but I can't chat with you here

Him: am not always online here doing my job and I will really love to see picture of you if you don't mind

Him: I really love us to chat private on Hangout

[Edit: Straight to Hangouts he wants and I'm "dear" without any names]

Me: I don't know anything about you

Him: Am Dr Perry Knight from Huntvill Alabama currently here in Syria with the United nations as a medical surgeon and you?

Me: I'm not really sure about that. The United Nations doesn't have a single person in Syria

Him: well I started working in syria since

[Edit: Long pause]

Him: january

Him: I am sorry there are lot of army working in syria

Me: Which army? It's impossible to be with the United Nations in Syria

Him: there is a war in syria

Me: Yes and I know more about it than you. Call Geneva and they'll say you don't exist.

Him: have you been in syria before?

Me: I don't need to. I'm very well informed on world events

Him: okay

Him: are did you know that there is know military in syria did you want the country turn a leaving hell

Me: I also know your English is very poor

Me: You are not with the UN in Syria. Can't be in the US Army either with grammar like that

Him: okay

Me: You sound offended. I'll still chat here.

That is how you just put a stop to a kid in Nigeria claiming to be with the United Nations.

Nov 09, 2020
More Warning Signs
by: Biggles777


The following is a little long but both are scam approaches made by "women" on a dating site. If you know what to look for, it is obvious.

Her: Hello how are you doing? My name is Stephanie but I prefer to be called Steff you?

Me: I'm fine thanks. If your name is Stephanie why is your handle Jacquie?

[Edit: No mention but handle name changes]

Her: I was actually introduced to the dating site by my best friend who met her husband here 8 months ago and wanted to just give it a try. I am all new to this dating stuff and you?

Me: I visit from time to time

Her: What's your name and how long have you been on here and what made you join the site?

Me: My name is my handle and I've been here awhile

[Edit: Classic dating site phishing. How long have you been here]

Her: So tell me what has your experience been on the dating site so far?

Me: I meet lot's of friends

Her: Sounds awesome, I am seeking a serious relationship that will lead to marriage as well.

Me: I didn't say that I was

Her: Likewise me [edit] but if there's a spark who am I to resist?

Me: That doesn't happen in an instant

Her: Oh yeah, I know that.

[Edit: I stop. The signs all exist. Instant phishing, marriage is mentioned, a "spark" is lit by them.]

Her: Where do you live?

Me: Read my profile

Her: Do you have Hangouts?

[Edit: The above is all I need to block]

The next is on the same site. It's brief but a picture tells a thousand words.

Her: Hi [edit] how's your day going?

Me: Good morning [edit] I'm well thank you and nice to meet you. I was asleep when you messaged and I guess you're at work now.

Her: Too bad we miss each other on chat. I live in [edit] I have an early start ahead of me in the morning and would love to keep in touch with you on email. Send me your email as that is the best way to keep in touch with each other. It's best to have honest and open communication with each other or what do you think?

[Edit: That was sent at 3:11 am. You would not say that if getting up early.

Me: I'd like to see a picture of you not wearing your wedding ring.

The pictures are the giveaway along with straight to email and it's a lot more than the woman in them being married.

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