Nigerian Larry Morgan

by Anonymous

He also goes by the name Larry Morgan 65 and has a 17 year old daughter. Wife died 9 or 10 years ago. Charming and makes promises of love and wanted to make you happy. Always needs money for his is tied up. He had me good so in love with him and not only broke my heart but caused problems with me and family.

Don’t give him money as he lies and is good at it. The first two pictures one on the rig and the selfie are him. Bad man born in France Zen and came to US when 18 too bad his grammar is not of a man living in this country 48 years.

Also doesn’t grasp the langue well and always says what you mean. Uses words like your my Queen, hun, baby and I’m his whole world. Wants to marry me and give me everything for all I’ve done for him..........BAD man

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