Nigerian Dope

by Janise Harbert
(Amarillo, Texas)

Using the guys son in the picture!

Using the guys son in the picture!

I have a Stephen Williams that when I did a reverse image search it lead me to He is still on wwf. He now needs money to get a box out of the company in the USA. He claims to be an engineer and is in the middle of the ocean.

He sent me a site to go to @ A weird site address but he said it was the company email. He claims I need to email them and tell them I am his beneficiary. The contents are now worth $100,000000. He says he already emailed them and told them I was his friend. He is so ignorant and it is obvious.

When I get the box he will send me the pass code and open it and keep 1,000,000 for myself. Notice where he puts is commas different each time he states currency.

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