Nigerian Dating Scams

by Anonymous
(San Francisco)

A D T - Albert Dennis Timothy - Claims to be an engineer - originally from Texas and grew-up in Johannesburg and the UK with his mom. Dad supposedly passed when he was 4 years old. He supposedly is responsible for his 4-year old niece who lives with his aunt (both parents supposedly died in an accident and he was left responsible for this little girl's future). He says he is well off and money is no object.

See the attachments below for a perfect description of him and he even has a LinkedIn account. Whoever this person is, he is not smart enough as all his educational background does not match up to what the schools offer nor do his job posting.

Connected on Hinge and a few days later he asked if we could connect on Whatsapp.

He was supposedly traveling to Dallas last night "to implement a proposal he made" and was supposedly picked up by a private jet. It was too good to be true and he has not texted since then.

I had been asking a lot of questions since texting with him because he sounded too good to be true and the photos were just too perfect looking. And, for stating where he is currently living - in Santa Monica, the background sounds I was hearing during our conversations (local street sounds, honking of cars, etc) just didn't seem to match up, especially when I am too familiar with California! He said he was moving to San Francisco at the end of October and had bought a place in downtown SF (another odd thing as he posted that he was living in Burlingame proper on Hinge and then it was changed two days later - which was when I reported it on the app). As soon as I told him that things don't sound right, he got defensive and told me that he does not like stress.

Luckily, I never posted my real name on the dating app nor did I give it to him when he asked for it. Thank goodness for the mother instinct that I have!!!! Lol.

I feel bad for the person that this scammer is using.

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Jun 08, 2023
Richard Ayden Lambert
by: Anonymous

He is now using the name Richard Ayden Lambert. The pictures he uses are of a real person and taken from that person's Instagram. He has a LinkedIn account and his company "website" is

It all looks very official. Beware of this man. He takes his time getting into your head and life before he asks for money. Even sent me flowers to make it all more believable.

Nov 30, 2020
Also goes by Kai VanBolt.
by: Anonymous

Beware. Sounds all too familiar.

Mar 28, 2020
Tim Abatha
by: Anonymous

Hinge should block this desperate scammer. He also goes by the name of Dan Albert, Dan Abatha, Albert Timothy, Abatha Tim and has several Hinge accounts using decade-old photos. The stories he used has similarities and a few tweaks. One consistent thing really is that as your online relationship progresses, he will ask you for money in countless creative ways.

About 5 months into the conversation, I noticed his texting style varies from time to time, sweet and charming, poor grammar on some occasions, short responses and oftentimes, well-versed and eloquent, longer messages. Makes you wonder who else is texting you. As for live calls, voice is consistent with thick African accent.

He asked my help to wire money to his "vendors". He gave me access to his fictitious bank account in Texas. He has over million $ in his account (wow, right?) and when the transaction was declined, he asked me to help fund $75k balance.

I declined, I’m not stupid. He threatened to break up and block me. For a partial loan of $35k, he will reconsider keeping our ties. Pathetic spineless hog, you belong in jail!

How many more complaints is needed to make him realize that he is well exposed by now. This is not a case of identity theft. He is a scam artist but surely has accomplices to keep multiple conversations going.

Stay away from this loser!

Nov 30, 2019
Hinge dating scam
by: Anonymous

I got hit up by the same guy called Albert Timothy (Timoftica). Said he was born in Romania, raised in Spain and South Africa, went to university in Boston and then lived in Dallas. Told me he had no kids because his ex-wife didn’t want them and that he was moving to Toronto on an engineering contract.

As you said, when things seem too good to be true, they usually are.

Thanks for this report. It gave me the ammunition I needed. I reported him to Hinge and told him I knew his scam. Hopefully, this helps others figure it out if he tries this pathetic game again!

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