Nigerian dating scams

by Mikaela
(Birmingham )

My friend has been talking to a certain surgeon called Carlos Steven, and he told her he is in Kabul and he’s a widow with a 14 year old boy at boarding school. His parents died when he was very little in Turkey and he was adopted by a couple in Canada. He says he has a large deposit of money at diamond bank and he’s about to lose the money if he doesn’t get around 4000£ to pay his agent to transfer the money in her account.

After I found this website I read things to her, similar stories but she still hopes that he is coming to her in April. She tells me he never asked her for money but I think he did because she was telling me she already told him she doesn’t have any money. She says that maybe he used to do that but he has fallen in love with her anyways and until April she still hopes the best and she will not send any money.

Lately when he calls her he cries really bad telling her how there’s nothing he can offer her because he is going to lose his money. I also found 5 Facebook profiles with his name and all have 2 different pictures, all pictures that he sent on WhatsApp. He called her and they talked face to face and he is the person in the video calls she said, how can he fake that??? He was in his doctor uniform in a surgery. I’m very sorry she still thinks that he is a real person and hopes he is coming in April.

Let me know if anyone knows anything about this person please!!! I cannot post any pictures!!!!

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Mar 04, 2019
Sounds fake to me
by: radiant1

The profile reeks of fake. Two first names and ones that do not match. Why would a surgeon need money? The fact that he says he is widowed (or a widower) also makes the story seem likely to be fake. Five fake profiles too.

Let me guess all recent and very few friends except women. If you click on a profile picture and right click on the image you can google search possibly to see who it matches.

People do not ask other strangers for money in this manner. It really looks like a scam to me and I hope that no one has sent money.

Mar 04, 2019
No such thing as a diamond bank!
by: Anonymous

Make sure she does not send him any pictures. The scammers use the phots to scam other people. I hope she starts to think clearly soon.

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