Nigerian dating scams

by Samuel Bazintor



Good day. I want to warn all women to watch out for this cheater.

I met him on Kik then he asked me to chat together on hangout. After two weeks he wrote me how much he loves me and that he wants to marry me and want to spend my whole life with me!

He wrote me that he lives in Italy and works at sea. He told me he had a daughter. His wife died in a car accident. A babysitter takes care of her daughter. After a month of writing, he asked me to send him money because his daughter became ill and the babysitter no longer had the money to pay for her stay in the hospital. The daughter is in a private hospital and staying in the hospital is very expensive. I sent the money. I lost a lot of money.

Then he asked me again to send the money that he needed a ticket to get to his daughter and that he would return everything to me. But I didn't send the money anymore. He never returned my money. This cheater uses all possible names. Nick Davies Samuel Bazintor Alexander Stevens and many other names he uses.

Does anyone know this impostor? Thank you for all the information if anyone knows this cheater. If this person contacts you, block them immediately and stop any communication. He is a bad person, a liar and a fraud. He has hurt me a lot. Thank you for any information.

Please contact me at

Thank you

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