Nigerian dating scams

by Samuel Bazintor



Samuel Bazintor Charles Ronnie Alexander Stevens and other fancy names. I would like to warn all women. Take great care of this imposter. He is a liar and a deceiver. It uses a variety of fictitious names. He will chat with you on Instagram first, then ask you to switch to hangouts.

He told me he was on a container ship. He comes from the Netherlands. He lives with his daughter and his wife has died. Then he told me that he immediately fell in love with me. He wants us to meet and that I am his only love. It didn't take long and he wrote me that he needed money, that his account had been blocked.

I was so naive that I helped him. I lost a lot. If anyone knows this cheater, I would be grateful for all the information. So, ladies, if this impostor addresses you, block him immediately.

Thank you for all the new information. If anyone really knows the name of this man, it would help me a lot. Well thank you.

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