nigerian dating scam

by roger

Stay away from a site called MilfDateLink, as every single woman on the site will message you and within 30 seconds you can tell its a scam because they ask for your yahoo mail address.

Its gotten to the point where its actualy funny, they are so predictable, so I play along with them for fun. They may be scam smart and patient but they havent met me yet lol.

If you go to a site where there are only 2 or 3 members that have logged in in the past 24 hours and the other 40 or 50 had no activity in the past few months then the entire site is fraudulent.

So people, get smart and have fun with the scammers, it doesnt take them long to figure out when you are on to them and they suddenly disappear its sooo funny. The trick is to not give them an e-mail address. They will try and try to get it from you and you just keep saying no and they are off like a dirty shirt.


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