Nigerian dating Scam

by mabel

A man claiming he was Michael Harrison from Buffalo new York sent me a friendly request in May of this year 2013.

I accepted his request because he looked familiar. As time went on we chatted, even exchanged phone numbers. He told me how much he was falling in love with me. he sent several pictures of himself and his son. Pictures where he was working.

Finally he asked for money to replace machinery he needed for his construction he was doing in Nigeria. I just knew it was a scam and I told him so. I went along with him and he told me how to send him money ..usuing a store money gram.

He gave the name Denis Robert Odisi to send the gram to his address etc. I said I am sending no money and he UNFRIENDED me at once.

I would like the chance to warn other women about this. His voice did not match the picture he had on his profile on Facebook. His English was poor and a heavy accent. The picture was of another nice looking man from New York.

This guy really lays it on thick and I just knew he was a scammer right away and told him so. His reply was Oh sweetie you need to trust me.

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