Nigerian dating scam

by Anonymous

He sent me a friend message which I excepted because I thought he was a friends brother. His name he was using at the time was David Brooks.

He said he lived in London, England. Typical story, fell in love with me quickly, was a widow, wife died in childbirth and had a 5 year old daughter he was looking for a mom for. He was an orphan.

He was going to Nigeria for one final job, and then he would be able to move to where I was and start a business. Got to Nigeria and found he had locked his computer and credit card in his crate that he had shipped there with his tools as he was building a road.

Asked for 5,000.00 us dollars or he would lose the contract.


I called him on it and he tried to turn it around that I was scamming him. Told him I was onto him 100 percent. Ladies beware, he is very smooth, but he does slip up. His grammar is subpar for someone who is an engineer.

He forgets things, will not answer personal questions etc. He did not get one red cent. Please keep up the good work on reporting romance scams.

My single girlfriends and I had never heard of it, but we are all now educated about it and spreading the word!

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