Nigerian Dating Scam

by Brenda
(Ontario, Canada)

I met a man on the dating site Senior People Meet, in July. This man told me that he lived in Louisiana.

We chatted for a few weeks when he told me that he was going to Nigeria to work for 3 weeks. He was taking his 14 year old son with him. When it was time to come back to the states he then said that his son had contracted Milaria, and fell down some stairs separating his shoulder.

He needed some money for the surgery and medication. Stupid me sent it. He rescheduled his flight with KLM Airlines. He even sent me the confirmation email from KLM and the confirmation form. It all looks real.

Just the day before he is supposed to leave Nigeria to go back to Louisiana, again, he says that the men on his job didn't get paid and he had to come up with $7,000 or they wouldn't let him leave the country.

Again, stupid me sends the money. He again rebooks his flight to come back. He sends me the new confirmation again.

Guess what. The day before he is to leave, he gets kidnapped and the kidnappers want $3,000 or they will kill him.

So, I send email messages to 2 different Nigerian Police contacts. I sent them the email from the suspected Kidnapper. There was a name and telephone number on the email that I got from this guy.

But guess what, to date, no one has contacted me from the Nigerian Police.

So then, I emailed the US Embassy in Nigeria. They send me a form email saying that it was likely a scam and to just ignore the people. I had emails and texts from the "Kidnappers" and no one cared enough to look into it.

It's no wonder that scams run rampant over there when everyone turns a blind eye to it. I sent another email to the US Embassy and said that yes, it likely is a scam, but perhaps they could look to make sure that this man does not come from the US and really isn't in trouble.

I provided his address and date of birth. And if you guess that they did nothing about it, you would be correct.

So, I continue to get telephone calls from this man, where he is crying and saying that he is going to die and his son is going to be all alone and that it breaks his heart that I don't believe him.

He texts me, tries to contact me on MSN. I continue to get emails and texts from the suspected kidnappers.

I just wish that they would all go away....or perhaps maybe the legal authorities could investigate, but I guess that is too much to ask.

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