Nigerian Dating scam

by Lori
(Florida, USA )


Hey, I had such a VERY similar interaction with my very first hit on Facebook Dating a week ago. Moved right over the Hangouts..Swears I am the missing link to his life.

Handsome guy pics (attached, you are welcome), is widowed 3 years, wife was killed by hit and run driver in Italy, very mushy romantic, sending songs and BIG sexy love bombs, has 17 yo daughter in boarding school Tampa, FL, originally he is supposed to be From Venice Italy, Owns a Mansion there, Just has Mother only left there, she had cancer, cannot use technology to video.

Well made one very short video that was bungled, I got NO screen shot of him but had intended to try, I interpreted a slight South African accent, but not heavy. Also, owns oilfield service company for 15 years, name I will summarize below, yet zero found on state business registered in FL with public information, NO so social media accounts, no website for your business, come ON! We are not idiots!

I will post the photos he used and the email with the hangouts account. Blocked this A## hat today immediately with notice that I JUST KNEW he was a scammer!! I will follow advice shared here and post multiple dating scam help sites, thanks everyone! Made it away from that one in 7 days, trusted my gut! Good luck!

Details I found: Name: Roberto Ricci...Hangouts email listed was.
FB dating said lives in Erpeldange, Luxembourg’s; College listed is in NC, USA, a Ridgecroft School or Academy; From, Reggio Nell Emilia;

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May 20, 2021
by: Anonymous

I have read all the info posted by others and my story's the same! How does a busy neurosurgeon have time to contact me every time I send a txt, on Google Hangouts, when they're not allowed access to Facebook, dating apps, public websites etc etc

He told me he loved me within a day! He says he has millions and will reimburse the $3000 application fee to "apply to the UN Vacation Agency"!!!

That sites have been faked too by the way. No point saying names coz it's not real. There's no-one by this name on any military listing for doctors.

The pressure, the guilt trips, the force of being pushed into accepting they're real and blaming, arguing, manipulation and insults start flowing if you question this info! The manipulation to focus on him and his dead wife and child and he cannot see you due to his location in Yemen, is ongoing and non-stop!

The lavish poems and words of loving me, marrying, travel, riches, houses, cars, are WAAAAY too good to be real anyway! The romantic messages are so frequently sent it's near sickening!

If you get asked for anything online, say no. Say you don't have any access to money as your Banking and Financial Manager has the only permission to manage your savings! Say you have a bad credit history and can't get a loan. Say you have no family to borrow from and you already have a bad reputation for not replying money to friends in past.

Say U don't own any assets, property, vehicles over 1k etc

It can be tempting to want to play with scammers just to upset them back too. Keep in mind every minute that passes they're stealing more personal info and photos to sell and use online!

Keep in mind, that YOU are worth so much more than this! Don't let them use you! They have plenty of others money already!

Thank you sincerely

Feb 24, 2021
Adding to this
by: Lori

Another fact he indicated, Business name of Roberto Oilfield Service Firm. Doesn’t exist anywhere. Pays off to do early sleuthing to weed these horrible people out !

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