Nigerian dating scam

by Madee

Paul R Stallion, widower with 10 year old daughter Tracy, claimed he lived in Crystal Bay, NV, dealing with antiques and art. Wife died of lungcancer.

Went to Nigeria to buy some goods and last night there he and his daughter was robbed and taken to hospital. Passport and tickets still there so America Embassy would not care, phone and credit cards gone and no opportunity to reach no-one in US.

God fearing man, good looking with sweet looking daughter at the stolen pics. Very good English but sometimes with the what I have learned Am a man, instead of I am a man.

He would be your perfect match, on the phone he had a Southern accent.

I did some research, address no where to be found, phone went to Reno, not Crystal Bay. He even tried to convince me the last day of his so-called stay in Lagos that I was wrong, he would never do anthing to hurt a innocent woman, I could call the manager of the hotel and I told him I did not want to speak with his friend, that I think you are Nigerian scam and then he(or even she??!!) tried to tell me how stupid I would feel afterwards when he and his daughter would come on line from NV.

I recieved the most beautiful emails about what he would think of our future together, the things we would do on our way to grow old.

Little attention was out in the kids actually and he moved on very quickly in the relation too, which made me suspicious. Also sent me a huge bouquet of lovely flowers. My 11-year old son said to me: MUM and yo told me to not give away the address on the net.

STUPID STUPID STUPID, luckily I never sent any money, and I so wonder who the man and the girl on the pics are and now I guess my pics are going to get used too.

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Jun 18, 2013
gray bobby
by: Anonymous

I just nearly got scammed too but thankfully I found out his email address is fake and its on Google . I just read a scam story on here about a widower with a ten year old called Tracy and on zoosk his going by a different name called gray who lost his wife and first child in a car accident.

His use in diffent stories on different sites apart from he uses the name Tracy for his daughter . He is nice lookin but fake please all be carefull . He asks for your email address. And its very cruel of him to do this .

His email is gray bobby 339 Yahoo! It's on Google comin up as a scam .

Jun 17, 2013
Stranded in Mississippi?
by: Anonymous

The latest scam, was Tracy became ill and died. Paul inherited some property in Mississippi, There are debts to pay. Could I send him $500 Dollars. No I can't, and did not.

Told him I don't have any money.

Aug 01, 2012
Paul Stallion
by: Anonymous

Wow! Thanks for the heads up. I was about to be next!

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