Nigerian dating scam review

by Anonymous

Anyone ever hear of Dr. John Maxwell from Newport Oregon? Physician claims to work with Doctors Without Borders. Is Spanish. Young son. Wife killed in car wreck. Met him on Twitter.

He’s too good to be true!

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Sep 03, 2019
by: Anonymous

Ask him a question that only a real doctor could answer. I was contacted by a scammer who claimed to be an orthopedic surgeon. When I asked him how his 4th of July was, he said he had to perform emergency surgery on a bone fracture and it ruined his holiday. I asked him several times what type of a fracture it was. He couldn't answer me and he kept changing the subject.

Aug 22, 2019
Sounds dodgy to me
by: Anonymous

Widowed with a child. Classic scammer profile.

Doctors without borders and so he is untraceable in terms of location.

Continue contact if you like, but if he asks for money, apple itune cards etc...drop him.

He would definitely be a proven scammer.

Doctors Without Borders runs their services at a very low cost. His transportation, food, medical care and everything is covered by them.

Do not fall for any begging. It will be nonsense.

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