Nigeria scam us army

by philippa joyce
(soerset,united kingdom)

I started chatting to a guy on He told me he is in the us army and based in Nigeria. Within a few hours he told me he loved me and wants to spend the rest of hs life with me...but just one problem...he has asked me to wire a 1000 pounds via western union to his army commander which will pay for his leave for 3 months so he can be with me.

Now I've had fun playing along with this I can tell you..I'm no fool. I asked him to ring me which he did and inspite of the photos he had sent to me of himself being a white military man and his family, when he rang me he sounded like a black man!

His name on meetme is Douglas Waugh and he has a friend called Bright Willy(lol). Bright is on facebook but u cant add him as a friend. Be warned ladies!



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