Nelson Harry U.S. Army United Nations Afghanistan

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Nelson H is on Words With Friends as Nelson H. He has very little interest in telling you anything about himself. All he wants is love. It's all he really talks about and when asked, he deflects any questions about himself. He says he is in Afghanistan as a surgeon with the United Nations. He can't say where in the country.

This is an arrogant young Nigerian. He only knows love and how to talk about it. He asks all the questions and no matter what you ask he just avoids giving an answer. I guess the scam is the leave. He is with the United Nations and on retirement he's coming to join you with a daughter he doesn't name or say the age of. You have to assume where he is from and what nationality he is. He won't tell you.

Him: I stay with my uncle in North Carolina who later died during Iraq War

Him: My uncle was a strong man. Great soldier. He register me to united State military academy as a doctor.

Him: It's okay. I really pray hard for my retirement to be accepted soon. Then I will leave here to relocate to other country.

That is as much as he can give you 2 days into being on Hangouts. He's annoying with his childish approach. Loving GIFs are sent daily. Emoji and you're were his "beautiful Queen" his second message into it on Hangouts. But he always asks the same repetitive Nigerian rubbish;

"What time is it over there"

"Have you had (insert appropriate meal)"

"What are you doing"

"Are you busy now"

"Are you preparing (insert appropriate meal)"

"Am I invited" and "Can I join you"

"Send me your picture"

Soon I tire of it after the 2 photos he sent me. One is very popular and obviously a scam.

Me: I think you're fishy

Him: Story fishy for showing you love and care??

Him: I really don't understand what you mean

Me: You figure it out. It is fishy

We exchange fluff for a while and I just drop it. But I've very little patience for him;

Him: But am not satisfy with it

Him: You are not giving me the attention I need yet. Maybe it's because you are too busy for work

Me: Well if you don’t like it I wish you all the best!

I lose interest and he just decides you're in love with him. I say he's a good friend but he wants all the love and throws it at you. I decide it's enough. But he persists and comes back for Steam cards fir his daughter.

Him: I was talking to my daughter and she's asking for me for steam card and I cannot get it.

Him: I cannot get it here. There is no way I can get it here

Me: Hmm yes I guess it is kinda hard over there

Him: Yes baby

Him: I'm afraid to ask you babe

Me: I know about those, they are like really popular in America.

Him: On Her birthday day she ask for a new phone I couldn't get it


Me: Look at what I just said

Him: She said $500 babe

Him: I don't know what she wanna use it for.

Him: She haven't ask me for such thing before babe.

Him: And I ask her she wanna use it for something important.

Him: Her mom was the one doing all this before babe. I'm just confused babe.

Look at the atrocious spelling. I fluff him off on cards hoping for the leave and a sign of a proper military scam. All he can do is
throw love and not answer any question about where he is or what he actually does. But like all scams, he implies he has money and talks about buying a house;

Him: Don't worry. Let me see what I can do when I come to you.

Him: 2 to 3 million will be fine babe

That's the first he has mentioned money aside from wanting Steam cards. If he has that much cash he can buy the cards online if he asks again. He also wants to buy a Mercedes sports car sending images of a model worth around $1 million. Talking driving with him and he has no idea what a speed limit is.

Edit all the fluff. Enough is enough as the pandemic means no one is going to travel anywhere and he somehow understands that but always mentions his retirement needing UN approval. He continues to throw the love like a kid does time to end it and poor English trips him up. Next is an edited very long quote of his love for you;

Him: Raping expression from me to you.

Him: Raping have been one of my hobby when I was young.

It was a long loving text and it's obvious what he meant but if you're language is that poor.

Me: You rape? WTF?

Him: Of course babe

Him: When I was young, I and my colleague do rapping competition lol He got it right

Me: You’re confused there’s a ******* BIG difference between rape and rap

Him: Oh, sorry babe

Him: Did I say rape?

Him: Maybe its a typing error babe

Edit as I beat him up on it and walk away. He still wants all the love so I ask a very simple question that he should be able to answer. But he accidentally sends this to me;

Him: If you have experience like this before. I'm not like that. Trust me. Honey. Everything will be fine. I have to send you the money if you cannot accept through the company. I will credit your account directly by Paycheck. (It was in Spanish and looks like he/they are scamming a woman there)

Him: Sorry that message is not yours.

Me: You’re in the Army right?

Him: Of course

Him: Why are you asking babe?

Me: The United States Army?

Him: Yes babe

Edit and as you can see I'm asking and he is agreeing. He is not forthcoming with any information about what he does for a living or his work. That leads to a simple question but he is not happy with the way I've started to ask.

Me: What rank are you?

No answer Edit: He still can't answer one simple question His rank. I'm sure any service man or woman in the United States Army would be able to answer that before irritating the one they "love" so much.

Him: When you are ready to calm down

Him: Ask me any ******* question. I'm here to give you a reply

Him: Whatever questions you wanna ask,

Him: You can go ahead and ask

Me: I told you to **** off now you do just that cause you’re full of bull****

Him: But I cannot answer you now because this is not how to behave.

Him: You need,to change from your behavior.

Him: You have to work on your character

Me: You can’t answer cause you don’t know

Me: 25 minutes and you can’t say your rank

Is it really that hard, are my expectations too high? I don't think so. If you can't state your rank along with everything else he's missing you are not in the United State Army.

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Aug 26, 2023
A man Called himself Dr.Elias Dieter with the stolen pictures of Dr.Garth Davis
by: Anonymous

I met this man in online dating with the name Dr. Elias Dieter. He said he is an oncologist from Germany but working in Manchester. He send me long beautiful emails and he said he is going to Istanbul to collect the payment for his late Father’s contract in Turkey after getting the certificate from Scotland.

He sent me a photo of him holding a certificate and it is Dr. Garth Davis that I didn’t know at that time. He said he arrived in Turkey and very consistent with his story and any information regarding Turkey. After a day in Turkey he said he needed to send money to a hospital in Germany to pay for his Mother’s medical bills.

He gave me an access to his offshore account because he said he cannot access it in Turkey. The account has a name Doctor Elias Dieter with a photo of Dr. Garth Davis. He sent all the details of the hospital in Germany and I made the transfer.

After one day he told me that he needed to pay the insurance for the contract in Turkey before he can collect the payment and he asked me one more time to transfer but was not able to transfer the complete amount because a pop up message came stating that he already finished all international transfers and he needed to update the account by paying some fees and going to the branch in the US.

He asked me to lend him 3 thousand dollars and gave me an account in my country saying that it is affiliated with Turkey. I transferred the money and in the evening he told me that he was able to get the insurance certificate but HSBC cannot transfer his payment if he doesn’t open an account.

He needs 5,000 pounds plus 1700 service fees. He was asking me to give him that amount again but I told him that I don’t have that amount, and then he suggested that I send him 2,500 dollars to pay for his fees in offshore account so he can use it again.

I told him that I don’t have that amount because I already sent him 2,500 dollars before. He said he will make calls and try to solve the problem. Later that day I was searching for some scam stories online because I started having doubts until I found this story. It’s the same photos of the guy and when I searched for Dr. Garth Davis Instagram I found all the photos that he sent me and it was all taken from Dr. Garth Davis Instagram photo’s except for the photo holding the certificate which I think is a photoshop photo.

He sent me a message and I told him that I know that he took Dr. Garth Davis photos but he told me that he is Dr. Garth Davis in Instagram but Dr. Elias Dieter in real life and he told me that he regretted telling me that in the beginning and he will prove to me that he is real as soon as he finishes everything in Turkey he will come to visit me in my country.

I am so scared because I realized that this is a professional scammer and they even have partners in my country. The bank account where I transferred the money that he asked me is a local bank account and the owner of the account is a local person.

Please beware and don’t experience what I experienced. He lured me with phone calls and was very consistent with his story.

I reported his profile in the dating site and now his profile is gone. It is going to be a big lesson for me.

Jul 28, 2023
by: Kathy Escobedo

That is a stolen pic of Dr Garth Davis of Texas!

Jun 14, 2023
Same guy
by: Anonymous

The same guy sent me a follow request on Instagram. Same name and everything. When we were on Instagram, he told me that he was in oil and gas and was working somewhere in Norway. He wanted to go to Chats. So I asked him on Chats for a picture And he sent me a picture of him in a doctors jacket and told me he was a surgeon in Ukraine.

I copied and pasted what he had told me on Instagram and asked him how he could explain having two big jobs like that. I am mediately reported him to Instagram and Chats.

Dec 02, 2022
Romantic Scammer
by: Gelink

I know this man too. The name is Dr. David Thomas and he is a doctor at the United Nations in Yemen. Widowed, a daughter in boarding school in the USA. Would like to meet a new woman, move in with her. Never back in the US.

Needs money for the United Nations to release it early. Fell madly in love with me and wants a future together with me. Writes love letters and poems to me.

That's why I'm supposed to pay for his departure from the United Nations and he'll pay me all the money back. He has a million in his account but cannot access it because the United Nations has blocked it until his departure.

Jul 25, 2022
Same but with another name
by: Anonymous


Same picture on YouTube under "Fred Jensen". Said he was a Robbie Williams fan. Then started friendship from YouTube to Gmail to Google chat.
Claimed to be petroleum engineer, working on an oil rig, widower, two daughters, no relationships since wife's dead.

He used Ronald Reagan romantic letters to express his love to me (here was when I started to investigate). His mistake was writing to a different woman instead of me...busted!

Now trying to take action on YouTube and Gmail.

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