Naval officers deployed to Nigeria on Tinder


Beware of 2 recents Nigerian Scammers who appear on TINDER. I have seen many other apparent American serviceman who appear to be based no where near an american base. lol

One named Steve JACOBS and other PeterJames STOCKMAN. They state they are naval officers in american navy and have been deployed on a secret mission to Nigeria to fight Isa and islamic state.

Both had images of white males, some in naval uniform and their location showed they lived approx 20 km from me.

Both have tragic stories of being orphaned or loosing a child. Both are looking to be married to a person from the UK. They soon become insistent on moving off tinder to chat on Watsapp, FB or kick

Their mindless poetry was so pathetic which was embarrassing cheesy. They forget what they say and so this trips them up. Their command of english language is poor considering these are supposed to by educated university officers. This is first noted on their profile page which started to ring alarm bells.

They became offensive was they realised they were busted and i told them i had reported them to Tinder lol!!!

One gave me his mobile number. I entered the number into my contact list and his profile pic on Watsapp came up as a black male obviously from an african county. He quickly changed it when he realised his mistake....

I strung them along for a while, but neither asked for money, though i could see it coming as they both talked about retiring from Navy and setting up own businesses.

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