My friends false prophet

by antha
(dallas texas)

I recently talked to a friend of mine who was contacted by a similar scammer. The guy she was talking to for 4 months claimed to be from California but in reality he was from Nigeria.

I sort of started my investigation of her friend when everything she told me appeared too good to be true so I checked the ISP of the email and found out he wasnt from California but from Nigeria.

She was shocked that her friend claimed to be building a church in California and needed 1000 dollars from her and that large investors were contributing the rest.

He also said that he was making a church home for baptist and that they would get married and run it as a couple. What a scammer this man was so I simply told her don't reply to anymore emails and just delete him completely.

This really brought her some emotional pain but I let her know it would have been far worser if she had of given him money plus she said he did alot of Unicef work in Africa for Christians.

Well I got wise on the whole thing when she mentioned his ficticious work in Africa. A lesson to good to be true it certainly is.

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