My experience with JD & Associates, one of the offices performing Kirby Scam Sales.

by Justin Not So Amazing

JD & Associates

407 Orchard Park, Building 2
Ridgeland, MS 39157

I was broke, down on my luck, and looking for a new job. Then I seen a job offer on craigslist looking for "Happy hard working people with positive attitude."

It lead me to some weird building with a foul-mouthed old guy repeatedly uttering expletives. Then I saw 11 other people in a classroom sitting where the same old guy was at the front of the board talking about this job.

I had no clue this job would be that we had to sell things. Had I known this, I would never took this job in the first place because I'm an introvert. The Kirby job scam ad on Craiglist never makes it clear that it's a sales job and that you have to pressure people into selling expensive vacuums.

This Kirby distributor, "JD & Associates", is a big SCAM. I was promised a $400 a week salary if I did 15 demos a week. Yes, I'm aware that Kirby dealers are independent contractors and must reach the quota to get paid the base salary. At the end of the day, the company controls where and how many demos you do. I found out that 15 demos a week is very difficult to attain and has been done only ONCE by a dealer.

The veteran people who have been at that company for a while try their best to reel in these clueless new dealers by bragging about how they make "thousand dollar checks" and paid vacations.

I also never received a "sign on" bonus that was promised during the 3-day orientation. I sold 4 Kirbys while working for them, and still received no money for any of them. During the orientation I was told that if I sold a Kirby, I received commission immediately, which was a lie. I went to the distributor's office and he said it takes 2 weeks to receive commission.

2 weeks came....still no money. BIG LIES, and empty promises.

Also, I find it funny that they don't drug test new applicants and it took them only a few hours to accept my application for employment (a regular job may take days or weeks). Kirby distributors will accept anyone that applies, they are DESPERATE. The Field Distributor gets paid big by the Kirby
Company for promoting people, and over 90% of the staff quits in the first few days, so why turn people down and be selective?

They cannot afford to be selective.

One big reason why you should close the door on Kirby goons -- you could be letting in a felon and not even know it.

I felt very guilty using these sale tactics to sell these overpriced machines, and I decided to leave recently because I do not wish to make a living ripping people off.

When a Kirby rep comes into your home, here's what happens: They offer a free detergent in exchange for you to allow them to show a demo, lie to you about them opening up a cleaning store in your area, pull 100 pads of dirt with the kirby, do a "vac kill," as they call it, to show why your vacuum is inferior to the kirby, invade your bedroom by testing that machine on your mattress, and shampoo the carpet.

Then they put pressure on you by coming up with a fake sob story about a contest they claim to be one more away when they know they have no chance of winning. The Kirby itself is no scam, it's really an amazing product. It's just the distributor and their sales goons that's the scam.

If you really want a Kirby, go buy one for $500-$800 from Ebay or Amazon.

The Kirby sales reps jack up the price to $2935 to pay for the MSRP price and then to the boss, and for the commission to put in their pocket for their own personal use. Even when customers buy the Kirby from these sleazeballs and they call them to change their mind about the sale, most of the time the sleazeballs do not answer. I've seen them refuse to answer calls to customers.

Because if the return the Kirby, these sleazeballs don't get paid. If you got thousands of dollars to spend, go fund your own trip instead of funding these sleazy Kirby people.

Kirby distributors, including JD & Associates and all the other ones across the United States, scam customers and their own employees. Take it from a former Kirby employee --

Don't pay extra for their commission, don't overpay for this product, and keep these scam artists away from your home!

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