Must Read What Happen In My Home With KD!!!!

by Teresa
(Sacramento, CA)

Today, November 18, 2016, I had a representative for Kirby show up at my door name Darius and another lady (forgetting her name) wanting to clean my carpets for free. I asked, why are they promoting something free? I wanted to know what the real catch, behind offering free services.

Darius proceeded to tell me that they were out promoting a cleaning service for carpets and tile in the area. I asked Darius where would the new business location be? He told me that he was not sure, he was just the person who goes and provide free service so, when the store is up and running in the neighborhood, people like myself will come to purchase service. Again, he asked could he do my carpet and I told him no because, I am pulling up my carpet in my house so, no need for the demo.

He asked me was I pulling all the carpet out and I said I was keeping carpet in my living room. He asked, if they could do that room and I said no. He asked, why? I stated I have a dog that I keep in that room that is a pit. He proceeded to tell me he was from the ghetto and used to pits. I told him my dog is not from the ghetto. Really inappropriate comment if you ask me!

So, I said to Darius you said that you guys do tile? He responded with yes, and asked if he could come into the house to check out the bathroom. I decided to let him into my home. I also stated to Darius several times that I am not currently working that I just finished an assignment with a job and I have no income coming in. He told me that, “It's okay, if you allow me to come in and clean something in your house, that is how we get paid to do our job”. So invited him and the other person into my home. Darius told me he had to go to his truck to get the machine and he would be back in 15 minutes. There was a knock at the door and the young lady that was with Darius came back but this time without Darius.

She brought another young lady with her by the name of Maria.

We were not properly introduced. I step out of the room to dry my hands off and the lady who came with Darius had left my house leaving this other person in my home. She introduced herself as Maria, and apologizes for not being properly introduced or not knowing that they were sending someone other than themselves back to my home. Maria asked, me if I had a vacuum? I said yes! She then asked, me to go get my vacuum. I became very clueless, to why she wanted me to get my vacuum. I asked Maria why do I need my vacuum if, you are only doing my bathroom? Maria continue to pull out her attachment for the Kirby that she brought. I stated to Maria, you are only supposed to be doing the bathroom.

Next thing, I know Maria is giving me a presentation for Kirby that was not discussed in the very beginning by Darius. Now I am very mad. I expressed my feelings to Maria, how I felt about the whole situation. I also made sure
I told Maria that I was not upset with her but, very disappointed and deceived by Darius. Per our conversation she stated, she understood. Maria and I started to talk and I began to calm my feelings down but I knew I would be having a conversation with Darius when he returned. I told Maria I was not interested at this time in buying a Kirby.

I know that Kirby’s is a good product since, we own 3 of them years ago. With me, not working at this time, I just could not add any more financial burdens to my plate. Maria got on the phone with Darius to let him know that the customer (me) would not be interested at this time. Per our conversation, Darius proceeded tell her to bring the price down some, to see if that price would work. Reminder, I have told them both upfront that I am not financially able at this time. Maria gets back on the phone to let Darius know that customer (me) is not interested and has company that she must attend to. I told Maria that I was upset and I wanted to talk to Darius about everything when he returned to pick Maria up.

Darius arrived at my home. I stated to Darius that I did not appreciate that he had not been honest with me from the beginning and I felt like he deceived me. I also, followed up with having another person come to my home without letting me know was not okay at all. Darius started being insensitive, to my concerns and told me “what is the problem because, I did not come back to do the work”? He also made the comment “ did you think I was going to clean your carpet and tile”? I looked at him and all my anger came back to a full force. At this point, Darius and I started getting into a shouting match. I told him that I do not like to be lied to and I wanted him to leave my home. Maria was on floor taking the attachment apart and putting them in the box.

Now I am feeling very violated in my own home. Again, I told Darius to leave my home and when Maria is done packing up she needs to leave my house as well. Darius stated that he will leave when he is done packing up his vacuum. I said, no I would like for you to leave and wait outside, Maria is almost done packing everything up and I don’t won’t your vacuum if, you are indicating that I am going to steal it. He went own to repeat himself again that he is here to help her pack up.

I look at Maria and told her that he is very disrespectful and you need to find another company to work for!! At that point, Darius was mad. He told me that I should not tell his employee, to go find another job to work at. He also, stated that I could not afford the Kirby but he could afford to buy a Kirby. Then he followed the statement up that his employee can afford but I could not. I turned and looked at him and told him, Maria and I talked and she does not own one either. I told him to get the “hell” out of my home.

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Dec 07, 2016
Excellent Review!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your story. I hope others will read it and be warned not to let these scammers in their homes. I wonder if you happened to get the name of the distributorship they were with? It appears there is more than one in Sacramento. I was just reading about one on yelp and the woman said she was screaming at them to get the F out of her house and her 3 year old was screaming it as well and they basically just did not want to leave.

These Kirby people are just downright scary!

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