Mrs. Folk

by Nancy Folk
(Dunnellon, Fl. USA)

They arrived at my door. I told them up front I would not buy a vacuum. I have hardwood floors and throw rugs. The first lady said it was okay that the sales girl got points for the demonstration. The girl was very knowledge of the product.

She turned me off when she removed the first demo filter and said "Your house is filth. That filter is disgusting." I did not care what she said after that. I almost asked her to leave right then. I did not want to get her in trouble. She asked to vacuum my bed. She flipped back the covers and vacuumed the bed in a spot and my king sheet then had tiny pulls and strings. She said she did not do it. I know she did because the rest of the sheet is fine. I told her that was enough.

We want back to the living room where she want to mop my floor with the machine. I had to tell her no 3 or 4 times NO. She then wanted to shampoo my rug. I told her no. She insisted. I told her no way was she going to shampoo my big throw rug. It was then hen my husband arrived home she started her sales talk. She asked him repeatedly about shampooing the floor and the carpet and I said no every time. My husband said "My wife said NO"

I told her again that I said from the beginning that I would not buy one. She started talking to my husband about the guarantee. I continued to say no. She finally came down from
2999.00 to 999.00 then when the people picked her up she came back in to get her stuff and had an offer of 800.00. I said no. She left in the van with the other people. After she left I had to sweep the floor where she had put her filters. I had to wash my kitchen counters where she had place attachments and left dirt and wet areas.

I am sorry I did not get a business card. But I can tell you they said they worked out of Tampa. There was a man in charge but he never spoke to me. There was a lady in charge of the sales person who told me her name but I don't remember it or the sales girl name. I'm sorry I don't have the information to tell you who they were but I did not feel comfortable when the van left her here and the first thing she did was ask to us my restroom.

I told her I had no idea they were going to leave her here and she would have to call to be picked up. Weird set up. I'm thinking someone needs to speak to your sales people about their approach. They need to give a business card first. Explain they are going to leave there sales person at you home. The sales person need to be respectful of the person they are trying to sell to. 30 years in customer sales and service I know what I'm talking about.

I'm older now and a little slow on the up take. I should have agreed to let them in.
Nancy Folk

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