Mr Handsome too good to be true

by Cindy
(United States )

Gabriel Edwin Rodriguez

Gabriel Edwin Rodriguez

I’ve posted my story already but I have pictures now. This man went by the name of Gabriel Rodriguez. First he said he was from Puerto Rico then the story changed and he said he was from Brazil Petrolina. Didn’t give me any more information on where he grew up. Said his wife and kids passed away in an automobile accident.

Said he was taken care of his granddaughter then the story changed and he said he had a loving son. He said he loves me blah blah blah. I followed along knowing he was a fake. He sent me pictures and I sent him mine. Nothing crazy. He said he was on a rig or ship. First it was three months then he said he was running low on service and asked if I could help.

This is what I was waiting for and he said he needed me to buy some gift cards which I said no to. Then he started to drift away.

He called me one day and sounded like he was 12 years old. Soft voice not what I was expecting. Said he didn’t have enough data to video chat but I knew he was a fake so I didn’t push it. I didn’t want him to call my phone anyway. If he has contacted you don’t fall for it.

The guy in the picture is cute... sad he’s a fraud.

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