Morrison Murrell BP Oil and Gas Oil Rig Contractor

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Morrison Murrell is in the game Words With Friends. After approaching you he asks to go to Hangouts and strikes up a discussion. He is 59 years old, a geologist and from Barcelona though living in Orlando, Florida. That later changes to Ireland. Says he has two sons but doesn't name them. Like all of them he is thin on the ground with any details about himself. He wants to move quickly to the scam questions. What is your favourite colour, food, drink, likes and dislikes? etc.

He then moves to the love very quickly and declares it. "We" speak and the accent is heavy African. After a few weeks it is daily contact on Hangouts and then things go wrong for him. He changes his story as he initially said he was in the North Sea and is now in the Gulf of Mexico. The man in the images he sends appears to be different.

This has all the red flags for an online oil rig romance scam. I'm not posting all the love talk and introductions but take a look at what he has given us once the scam is over.

- He changes where he lives from Orlando to Ireland
- He changes where he works from the North Sea to the Gulf of Mexico
- He can't name his two sons
- He only names an employer when asked in response to him wanting money.
- The man used in the pictures being sent to you appears to change.
- He denies ever having been to Argentina when the man and cars in the photo are from there.
- He can't access his bank account, for no valid reason and has to use an "agent"
- The contract he is on is very good in his words.

There are many more but I'm using this submission to highlight a few other things that occurred when he was getting close to asking for money. I did push a little and he had the answers. As you'll see I've posted details so you can view his US Passport and webpage of BP Oil. A look at a few things;

Him: And having some little problem here

Me: Ooh babe what's wrong I don't like hearing you've a problem

Him: Oh my dear thank you for showing concern

Him: Yeah am having problem with the water I drink here in the high sea

Him: They almost finished now and I try to get in touch with the agent they asking for some money

Him: So I thought I should ask you if you can help what ever you can for me pls

Me: Ooh babe so you have a problem with drinking water at sea?

Him: Yes

Him: Could you be of help to me pls

Him: So I can send you the agent information so you can credit them for for them to be able to get me water pls

Me: What's wrong babe the filtration system break?

Him: Nope I mean water for me and the crew worker to drink here

Him: Because we don’t drink the sea water here understand

Edit: He thinks I'm as stupid as he is. So an oil rig has run out of drinking water and he is unable to say why. Nor can he say why he can't access his funds and has to use an "agent". When they use that word it is the definition of a scam as you can't collect in the name of someone who doesn't exist no matter how well you claim they do. He now gives more information as money is involved on who he works for and what he has. I trip him up on his lies;

Him: Having problem with my bank account here and I try to call on the company they said I have to get done with the job before the make payment

Me: What bank did that to you babe?

Him: Onetimetrust bank

Him: Am just so confuse here now baby

Him: Could you be of help pls my love

Him: I pay back as soon as I get credit from the company

Me: Which company babe?

Him: Bp oil & Gas drilling company It's not British Petroleum

Me: Okay babe how much you need?

Him: $10575

Him: Should I give you the agent bank information so you can get it transfer to the agent

Me: Of course babe. You and your men need water

Him: Account holder Je**** pe***
Bank: First Heritage Federal Credit Union
Bank Address: 110 Village Square, Suite 101
Painted Post, New York 14870
Home address: 2072 Grand Central
Horseheads New York 14845
routing: 222381***
account : 121115***
Swift code FHCRJ***

Okay there is the scam complete with money and "agent" details. Now I trip him up and get more information.

Me: I think you need a solution babe

Him: You mean a solution with the company ?

Me: A solution means you need more money babe

Him: Honey look all I need now is the water everything I need here now are all here so my Equipment are working good

Him: My biggest problem now is the water honey

Me: Okay babe I understand. So sell that lovely white Lamborghini you're proudly standing by in one of your pictures. I think that's about $500,000. All your problems solved. Isn't that a great solution babe? I really am thinking about you my love

Him: Oh you know that is not here

Him: You helping to get things done for me honey

Him: Talking about that is not here

Him: Lol

Him: You really sound funny

Me: Well. Call your agent and have her sell it. I mean i can understand you like it. If so, sell the flash Mercedes instead. Either or you'll have your agent bank $500,000 tomorrow. All your problems solved

Edit: You can see I've no intention of paying and he is starting to worry. I'm limited so now some key quotes as he falls apart on his lies and starts to flap after I say keep the Lamborghini and sell the Mercedes.

Him: I am not there to even do anything okay

Him: Did you understand now ?

Him: Don’t worry just help me get the money to them so I get water okay

Him: I will add $5k in payback okay

Him: I promise not to fail you

Him: Trust me and help me I love you and you know that okay

Him: You would not let me die would you ?

Him: You know I will not lie to you

Him: You have to trust me for that

Me: You’ve 2 cars worth millions and can’t sell one?

Edit and he continues trying to press my emotional buttons to no avail.

Me: You just said you’ve never been to Argentina that’s where your Lamborghini is I think you need to sell it

Him: If you don't love me can you stop stressing me ?

Me: Well I think I’m asking fair questions

Me: I think you’re a bit geographically challenged

Him: You don't know how to help those you said you love?

Me: You don’t know how to stop lying to those you love

Edit again as we bicker

Me: Where's your oil rig?


Him: Check the company website out baby

Him: So you know I am not joking okay

Edit: It doesn't look like anything but a website set up for a scam even though he says it will verify who he is. It does with an employee number but the company doesn't exist.

Him: In the Gulf of Mexico

Him: Check out the website you will find my profile

Me: Okay that is a long way from the North Sea

Him: Here is my ID number

Him: 164752

Edit: Okay use the link he gave and navigate to "verify" and Morrison Lucas Murrell has a US passport and his address is Ireland and not Orlando FLA. On we go and I have no love or money just time for his lies. All they do is lie.

Me: Why did you own your cars on Friday and now no longer own them?

Him: I thought your a good woman like you always says

Me: Your bank. The one you can't access. I know why

Him: If you can’t understand me what I am telling you then stop asking me questions your stressing me

Edit as he has a flap and refuses to answer any questions at all;

Me: Why, if you're so successful, can't you answer a simple question?

Him: Your question are not helping me so forget

Him: I fill so embarrassed asking you for help then you fooling me

Him: Not your fault baby

Me: You're the fool man. Off you go on your merry way. You're so "successful" I'm sure you'll figure it out

End of his scam. He is still sending texts on Hangouts. There is a lot to go off here. His bank and oil company don't seem to exist. He didn't know where he lived, changed the location of the oil rig and I thought telling him to have his agent sell an expensive car was reasonable..

Email used

Phone number

+1 324 602 4573

+1 813 308 8627

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Dec 01, 2020
What a hoot!
by: Anonymous

He gave me an American name but said he was born and raised in Italy. He even called me once and I was sure the accent wasn’t Italian! Another scammer was trying to contact me at the same time and scammer #1 panicked begging me to block the other guy because he had been hacked!!

I’m sorry for any one who is getting these type of contacts but I’ve dealt with them before and I recognize the format.

Sep 30, 2020
Sept 2020 WwF
by: Anonymous

Same name and storyline almost verbatim. Thank you for the original post.


Sep 20, 2020
Brian Pitt new name but same photos
by: anonamous

So Ive been texting the man in the photos for 3 months now and he calls himself Brian Pitt. I did however send him money of 600.00 Canadian dollars.

I had no clue until I came across this site so its unfortunate. Thank you for the article as it opened my eyes. Now to string this ass monkey along

Jul 08, 2020
Same photos of chairman and ceo but different name and company
by: Anonymous

The company Fredrik was claimed as an Executive Director is similar with another company, with the same picture of the Chairman and CEO but under different name

Do your search and reverse image search for every single picture you found ladies. I tried only 1 and couldnt find.

Jul 08, 2020
Had pretty similar experience
by: Anonymous

I posted my own scammer previously "Fredrik Olsen is a scammer". I just wanted to comment here regarding the website. They usually created a business website which looks very real and reputable (like my scammer: The scammer listed as Executive Director there and also the owner. I checked linkedin profile, strange enough only 2 of them listed worked there (the scammer and owner). No other employee.

I did reverse check the owner, and found the body they are using is an actor's by eliminating the cigarette he held. Believe the owner has become another profile for scammer as well.

Checked the establishment of website it was in 2019, the same as my scammer profile was up in FB.

What I want to say here is they established a profile/s in such a way just to prove they are real (and in your case by giving you verified the employee ID, which looks strange to me)

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