Morris William United Nations General Syria / Pakistan

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers


Morris William claims to be a general with the United Nations in Syria on Scrabble GO. He isn't. He has a peacekeeping mission contract in Syria. Doesn't say an age though has 2 children called Lisa (3) and David (12). Not true. We went to Hangouts and he sent a picture immediately. I decided I'd just ask some simple questions. Watch as they avoid answering;

Me: May I ask what you do for a living first?

Him: I work as a military General and you

Me: And where are you again?

Him: I'm here in Syria working as a military General, I'm here on a contract

Me: Okay. With the United Nations?

Him: Yes my dear

Me: Excellent

Him: So can I see your picture

Me: Who is David Young?

Him: I don't understand you my dear (oh yes you do)

Me: Okay. Who is Leo Smith?

Him: I told you on scrabble that I have one son and one daughter

Me: How can you be a general with the UN in Syria when the UN has no staff in that country?

Edit: One hour later

Him: The United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS) is a United Nations peacekeeping mission in Syria but ex president Trump cancel the mission here in Syria and we were move to Pakistan to join the other military to complete our contract over there, I say
I'm in Syria Because that's where we where move from so I'm here in Pakistan

Edit: He panics and finds a half decent answer from somewhere

Me: That is a start thank you. Pakistan is not Syria.

Me: Now, I asked about two other names. Who are they please?

Him: Lisa and David are my kids

Him: When you said Young what do you mean?

Me: It's another name you have

Him: What about your kids (they really want to avoid the truth)

Me: Now, please explain why your picture has 30 Google returns with different names and emails. All hosted on romance scam websites?

Him: How old are they? (Complete denial)

Me: Please answer my question about your many names.

Me: Why are you using a stolen identity

Him: I'm so sorry about that but thoes people are not me, they are just using my name's for bad thats why I quit Facebook and Instagram and just be on Scrabble because of thoes imposter

Edit: Absolute rubbish

Me: So what is your real name?

Him: morris william

Me: No. That is not the man in the pictures real name

Him: Those are imposter using different name on my pictures

Him: That's not me

Edit and snip: If you search their image a lot of trouble is saved. Ask what they do for a living and you'll save yourself more.

Email in use:

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