Morris Cooper-German Scammer

by Helpful Lady

So good looking, but fake

So good looking, but fake

I think he accidentally sent me a "love" poem meant for another victim. I refused to send 8,000 to buy rig materials and he stopped all communication until last night.

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Sep 26, 2017
Morris Cooper-German
by: Cynthia

Good for you. Do not send 💰. Do not suppprt their life style and pay their rent. You have your own bills to pay. Always the same story different face. You would think that all women have seen these scam programs and how they work which is so simple so do not send money.

I know they are talking to you and many more women. I have run across these scam artists but i never send money and when they get mad they just go away. They all need to get a real job like all of us 9 to 5.

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