More Images Of Innocent Men and Donanvant Samuel UN Afghanistan

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


This page covers two points. Another image of the innocent man used in the Peter Wesley scam linked here;

Next is Samuel Donanvant (They reverse the name) with the United Nations in Afghanistan and I've no need to wait for the scam as whoever this is just can't do it.

He says little about himself or background while wanting everything from you;

Him: i live in Florida USA, but right now I'm working in Afghanistan for a contract here in base

Me: I guess you are in the US Army?

Him: I will be nack to the state before the new year , that is if we will be done qith this contract

Him: Yeah , its my work and oart of my life style

Edit and snip

Him: Smiles, im not into millitary , i work with the UN army and airforce, i work as a manager/project supervisor in the repairing and maintenance of air crafts and space crafts

Edit: Someone please tell me what he does? He's written a load of rubbish. He also tells a story of how well traveled he is. Must explain his poor English. He has a daughter named Kimberly who is 15 and it is his birthday on 24 December, he will turn 57.

He also provides all the red flags of a military scam

Him: This will be my last contract and also one of my biggest lifetime contract too ,

Edit: I'm retiring a rich man

Me: With the UN right?

Him: After this , i want to spend time with family , i want to be with my daughter and also a good wife too for me

Edit: You are going to be the woman I will make a family with

Him: Okay friend , here in base its not allowed to share any of our pics to anyone or make calls ao we dont give out location but i do trust you , i have some witj me in my laptop let me check

Edit: I'm stealing an identity so I've not many pictures and I'm doing my best to steal yours too

They must swap again. The English and spelling decline markedly. Some is hard to understand what they are saying. As you can see the above is a Nigerian scam. Poorly done.

Three images are attached and their email is as follows;

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