More Faces of Nigerian Scammers

by Biggles777

A Nigerian Romance Scammer

A Nigerian Romance Scammer


"Darren Brian" is a young Nigerian romance scammer. He is in Lagos. Unfortunately this happened during the lockdown and over the space of a few days around 7 admitted they were Nigerian to me and I forgot their exact scams.

I had to delete the WhatsApp number I was using due to non stop calls asking for money from my alias. They are all just kids wanting gift cards, iPhones and Bitcoin. Once they say who they are their story doesn't change. Age is no issue and their love for you is from their heart in their quest for any form of payment or "reward"

One of them is Phil Mechanic real name Emmi posted elsewhere on site. 30 years old in Lagos. Refer link below;

Another is Marco Bryan. His real name is "Favour" and he works with his brother. The scam is at the link below;

The next was Thomas Fred aka David Martinez and his real name is "Fortune" 25 years old from Warri Nigeria. The scam is linked below;

They are all lying, cheating criminals who will never stop what they're doing. Period

Attached are photos of 4 of them.

Two emails and other details are posted in the scam pages.

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