Mike Samuel Johnson

He just turned 50 a few weeks ago, per our online telephone message on our cell phones. He picked my profile from Match.com and left a California number to text him. He has an 8 year old son, how convenient at this age that both his parents are dead and he is an only child.

We started talking and I was trying to tell him the distance would be a problem. Yet he insisted we could work it out, he has a home in Visalia , California eight acres, even send me a pic of the house, and a pic of his kitchen. He sent me all types of pic of him very nice looking, very nice clothes and then he told me he was working in a Nigeria an building a school, even sent a pic of the buildings he was working on.

He called me several times from Nigerian had a bit of an accent, asked what nationality and he said he was Italian American. He invested his money in the project with a 30% return on his money to the tune of $890,000 thousand dollars of his own money. He will get paid over a million dollars because he did the supply of all the project and equipment he imported them from the states.

He texted me daily almost all day at first nothing but love poems, statement of endearment and all well written. Showed pic of his son (who I will not name) to me and pic
of me to his son who he states approved and wanted to know if I would be his new stepmom. He never asked for money yet when he was supposed to end the project he would get this big check.

He does not have any money because all his funding is tied up in this check. Now he needs me to open an account so he can deposit this check of $985,000 and he needs to clear and pay his workers and ship all the equipment he brought down here back to the states. He claims the banker will be happier for him to have an trustee.

He asked for Account holder, home address, bank name, address account number, routing number online access password and 3 security questions and answers. Sound like he has done this before. Also he needed $700.00 dollars for a transfer fee and acceptance fee and expect me to pay since his funding is all tied up in this check.

Also he is on his way to me once he cash the check. Well guess what I flipped the tables ask him for: Name of company, address and manager name. Is this a legal work check and not a scam and I need a picture of you, Work id, Driver License or a Passport.

I have not heard from him in three days. No funds were ever sent and I did not open an account just for him to defraud me out of my hard honest earned money.

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Aug 21, 2017
Mike Samuel Johnson
by: Cynthia

Do not send any money to this Scammer. I talked to him over a year ago and trust me I did not send any money. When I can review some of my files will post a pic. He said he lives in California and sent a pic of some ranch with a playset in the yard.

Send a pic of his kitchen and a child sitting at a table at the mall. Of course he was not in any of the pics. He uses two different phone numbers. 716.608.9894 an also 424.571.2851.

Do not fall for all his lies as he sends the same story to me to move with him and his son and live on the ranch.

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