Mike Jergens

by Helen Esposito
(Philadelphia Pennsylvania )

Mike jergens

Mike jergens

Here is yet another one. What do you think? Have you come across this one?

Hello dear,

It is such a great pleasure to meet you and i'm happy with a smile that i caught your attention,trust me,i have butterflies right now in my stomach,sense of humor is important,i must be so lucky to meet such a lovely great woman like you,anyway you can't judge a book by its cover unless you take your time to open and read the content,i would really love to know more about you however i hope it would be worthwhile.

I miss in my life a trustful and happy relationship filled with much love, I believe love is not measured by the facial appearance but by the heart and true feelings, I will love to know you more...all I want and looking for is to meet the right woman for me,someone I can spend the rest of my life with happily, for you to know more about me I think this will speak all about me...

I'm originally from West Germany ,I'm the only child of my late parent. My only son Kris, works in the Army , German Language is my first language.

I value in a woman love, compassion, passion, honesty, caring and giving. There is nothing better in life than true love. I hope to find my fairy tale . I like to travel, camping, fishing, hiking, the mountains, movies, music, reading, amusement parks, family, animals, writing poems...I'm caring, sincere, loving, honest, loyal,
devoted, (if I had my partner), and goal orientated individual.

I am a self employed chemical engineer,i work in oil refineries, and so on ...i have been working for over 35 years and presently i'm in Turkey,working on my final project before retirement,My business has been booming flourishing. My dad worked in Holland before I lost him.I work hard and have achieved a good deal for my efforts,currently i'm in Turkey,i have been here for the past 3 months but i would make it back home after some couple of weeks,i'm so sorry i didn't include that in my profile but i guess it would give us the time to get to know each other better,till i'm back home .

I'm looking for long term relationship, But we both know it depends on the conversations we can hold, Most thing I value in a woman is true love, I want to find a good woman that i can trust, who is possible to love and who would love me ... I am looking for Compassion, passion, honesty, caring and cheerful giver. I want someone that will bring sunshine into my life.now your turn,tell me more about yourself,your past relationship,your experiences so far,your past life,what you are looking for?the kind of relationship you want and any other information you would like to tell me,i promise to do thesame after i read from you,please don't hesitate to ask me any question,i have nothing to hide and i would be completely honest with you.

Best wishes

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Nov 12, 2018
Linkedin scammer Rodney Albert
by: Nix

This is our convo below. Just as the intro on this page says so many alarm bells. However this is a professional platform and I chose to remain that way just in case it turned out differently. He did use a different pic to the one you have above but you can clearly see its the same person. I will post this separately for all to see.

Hello Nicole, how are you doing today

Nicole Smith sent the following messages at
8:26 AM
Good Morning Robert, Good thanks and you?

View {:firstName} profile
8:27 AM
sorry -*Rodney ....... so much for multi tasking lol

rodney albert sent the following messages at 8:31 AM
No problem

Where are you from?

Nicole Smith sent the following message at 9:05
9:05 AM
South Africa - how bout you?

rodney albert sent the following message at 9:25 AM

Am from Sweden but I live in Michigan.
Am into supply of hospital equipment.
What about you?

Nicole Smith sent the following message at 9:27
9:27 AM
Originally from SA work in a bank............mortgages ..... why would you move from such a beautiful place ?

rodney albert sent the following messages at 9:27 AM
I have my company in U.S.

what is S.A?

Nicole Smith sent the following message at 9:30
9:30 AM
oh ok............ South Africa

rodney albert sent the following messages at 9:30 AM
Okay that is good

Hope am not disturbing you at work ? *** 1st alarm*****

Nicole Smith sent the following message at 9:31
9:31 AM
yes ..... trying to multitask remember :)

rodney albert sent the following message at 9:32 AM

Nicole Smith sent the following message at 9:32
9:32 AM
how bout you whats the time over there?

rodney albert sent the following messages at 9:32 AM

Can we communicate in different platform
****2nd alarm***

Here is 2:32am

Am not sleeping am going some work ***3rd alarm bad english*****

Nicole Smith sent the following message at 9:33
whats it about...... and which other platform?

rodney albert sent the following messages at 9:34 AM

9:34 AM
Are you on hangout **** platform not monitored***

Or maybe your number

Nicole Smith sent the following message at 9:35
no whats that?

rodney albert sent the following messages at 9:36 AM

Let me know about you country am trying to expand my business

Maybe we can be friends.lol **** by this time I'm out!***

Nicole Smith sent the following message at 9:38
Be right back - Meeting,............

rodney albert sent the following message at 9:39 AM
Take your time

Sep 28, 2018
by: Anonymous

I met this guy on POF two days ago and was suspicious and wary. His photos were of a younger man, very attractive, he told me too that he was a gemologist and of Irish Father and Spanish Mother. He asked me for my email and I replied to him but was aware he had bad grammar and his English was not perfect!

I searched the Internet under the name he gave me and discovered that others had been contacted by him on similar websites’! I am based in Spain and reported to POF that he is a scammer and they have already removed his account!

One word of advice, ask for his phone number and FaceTime to confirm he is who he says he is on his profile and that he is in your country!

Be very aware girls of people like him!

Apr 27, 2018
by: Anonymous



Oct 14, 2017
Mike jergens
by: Anonymous

Had similar letter only he’s a geologist in it and need money to get home. "Now i have to pay 43,000 Euros for the work license extension in order for my shipment to move"

Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

On Monday, March 6, 2017, 2:16 AM, Mike Jergens wrote:

Hi Maurcina ,How are you doing fine i hope. Thanks for the message. So let me tell you a few about me.I'm, 59,i know i look younger.I always have well so i have been told ,I live in Loudon, Tennessee..I was born and raised in Germany.But spent sometime in the UK as well.London to be precise. was married for 9 years she was a nice woman i guess this is how it was meant to be. She died of cancer. It caused me so much pain that i didn't know how to love any other woman because i am scared of loosing anyone again.Don't know if that makes any sense to you..have no kids .My Dislikes are Lies,Cheat,dishonestly,Games,My Likes are Good Heart,God Fearing,Fun person,Loving and Caring,someone i can talk to,my soul mate and more from her.I don't want something in my life and it is separation of a good family later ..My hobbies are swimming,Reading,Partying and I love to cook,I like sea foods but would eat anything good..Lol .My Colors are White,Red,Brown and Blue. I definitely don't play games nor like people that do. I know giving oneself to another person is a risk, that can lead to a broken heart,but I believe it is better to love (to take the risk of heartache) than to be alone (because we don't want to take the risk of heartache). ..I'm easy to get along with...I've been told that i'm a classy with a great smile.I'm an optimistic person who has a variety of interests.I'm a down to earth man who consider himself,honest,romantic,caring with a big heart,intelligent,ambitious,self-motivated,secure,expressive,passionate,good Christian with a good sense of humor. .lol. I'm open minded and fun loving.I do not want someone who play games and that would break my heart..I am looking for a woman who finds deep care and humble commitment in her heart and thrives to excellence in service for a man and that i can spend the rest of my life with .A woman that has a winning personality and clean straight forward character: always with a smile on Her face and a warm open inviting heart! A woman who can and will support her man in all walks of life..To be there on my side in good- and bad times!! A proposition to make a life....A great life, but also with exhaustive love-energy and love-commitment to invest...I forgot to include in my profile that i am away right now on a business trip which will be over in a week.and will be back.But i guess it gives us time to get to know each other through messages first .I am a gemologist (My Job)... I have been doing business in UK, USA, Canada and Australia, Europe. for over 27 years. My business has been booming flourishing. My dad worked in Holland before I lost him. I am originated from Germany like i said before and spend most of my adult life in the states I hope to learn more about you soon.Take the time to write me and tell me more about yourself, and about all you have been through in life also what you are looking for..I hope you'll write back soon.i am trying to take my profile off the site. i believe it be worth it.i liked what u said in your message, and u seem to be the type of woman i would love to know. so lets see what happens.

Best wishes,

Aug 14, 2017
Bad News
by: Anonymous

This guy is a thief and a crook. Warning. He is not real and you will never get your money back. He will break your heart.

Aug 14, 2017
by: Anonymous

Well you must have spent all the money you scammed from me as I see you are still playing your game with other women. This good looking hunk of a man knows how to steal your heart and bank account. Yes he is in Turkey but when I knew him he was a gemologist.

Don't let his good looks and sexy laugh and voice fool you. This guy is bad news. He is a crook and a thief. It took me a while but then realized why is a guy like this single being on a datiing site.?

So keep your money and your heart and run like hell from him. Some day Karma will catch up to him.

Aug 14, 2017
THIS guy is the biggest Ratbag
by: Anonymous

OMG Mike Jergens ... met him on match.com and thought he was wonderful OH BOY..then find out he is away in Turkey of all places. Had me wanting him that is for sure and his voice is a killer as it is a deep sexy voice so no wonder he traps us.

But beware underneath all that beauty and sexiness is a monster...who only wants you to believe he is the best thing since sliced bread..he will call at the worst times and you don't care.

He will take all he can get and then you will notice when you have nothing left and you are waiting for him to appear..another problem will arise .. he will stop calling or texting as often and email will almost cease.

I found out he was dating 2 other women while he was supposedly exclusive with me. ...don't think that your time with him is different than any other woman he has scammed. I don't even think he likes woman honestly to do what he does... KARMA will come to haunt him one day...hopefully soon.

PS .. he was a gemologist when we met but wonder what he is doing now?

BEWARE of this man. He has no conscience.

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