Micheal Dr Orthapedic surgeon

by Sadandalone

This guy scammed me claiming he loved me and understood my past, claims to be rich and have a house in cali but his cats are in Texas so he wanted me to go with him and get them and then maybe travel the world.

He asked me to get a passport and take out some loan money from my bank for the first part of the trip and he will give me the money back later. Claims he is a dr and went to a California med school, and asked me to move into his house with a pool and tennis courts - I might add after two weeks.

I said I was helping my mom who is sick and he said all my money goes to support her and he will cover all my bills. Then he asked for music cards and he didnt have his cards at work and then he wanted eBay cards to buy antiques to decorate our home.

I bought 30 plus cards and he claimed to not be able to use the site so he needed help with the cards, then he claimed to come in my state for thanksgiving and I would pick him up and he never showed later claiming work came up.

Then he said oh we will be together at Christmas and get a real tree and he even promised to bring gifts for my nieces.

Then he blocked me after I went to the bank cause he said he needed 400 plus bucks that day and I said thats not normal. My nephew said I was being scammed from day one but I never listened. Always trust your family and those closest to you - even your 15 year old nephew. Anyone else get this guy? He deleted his account so fast to get more info but the info I have is:

Michael dr orthapedic surgeon mostly kids , 47 from cali

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