Michael Smith

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Michael Smith is on Scrabble GO and he is not going to tell you anything about himself. He doesn't even say what he does for a living. He is from the UK with a 13 year old daughter named Joan. He is 57 and that is it. He does ask if you would visit him in the "state"

In the game you're his queen before Hangouts. Once there he wants to control the flow of the discussion. He'll ignore anything you ask or say and is oblivious to his own stupidity.

Him: What is your time over there?

Me: 8:17 pm

Him: that is good

Him: Is that the evening dear??

He can't tell the difference between a.m and p.m. he also expects a woman over 50 to give birth to his twins.

Him: What of if I ask you to bear me a kid, that means you will totally disagree with me?

Me: lol

Him: Yes or no?

Me: You don't get it, do you?

Him: No


Him: Tell me... I'm waiting

Him: I want twins from you

My alias is over 50 and he expects her to give birth to twins. Well he didn't understand and still doesn't. Sohe turns up the love ignoring anything I say.

Him: I thought you dreamed of us kissing

Me: Get a grip. We've been talking here a day

Insert loving emoji' and a video of a couple kissing

Him: What of this?

Me: Seriously?

Me: This is a wind up, right?

Him: Haha

Him: I believe it's real

Him: I can't feel it right in me

Me: lol finally you can't feel it

Him: I can feel it right in me

Him: It's a mistake

Edit: I ignored it for a day and said hello the next day. I asked again if he wanted twins and he didn't understand. I called him daft, he didn't understand again. I then said he was stupid and he blocked me. It's the same guy's as Prince Richard.

Email in use: michaelsmithvv1995@gmail.com

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