Michael James Alexander building a bridge in Ukraine

by Almost scammed

The guy I was talking to I knew on OKCupid. I am Brazilian and he said he was from Chicago, but got a major contract to build a bridge in Kiev, Ukraine. He says his name is Michael James Alexander and his pictures are very much my taste, beard, kinda relaxed, modern.

He said he was 45 years old, widowed, one daughter living in Italy with a godmother since his wife passed. Only child, Italian mother, american father. Parents were poisoned when he was 17, when he moved to Chicago before even knowing what happened.

Of course, in love with me since day 3. I suspected he was a scammer. He made a point of making a video call, but it last about 10 seconds and of course, the connection was bad and we had to just talk on the phone. I am Brazilian, so not English native speaker. But I do deal with a lot of Americans and his accent was really weird - and not Italian.

Well. He was mistaken in his height - he had one height in OK Cupid, another on hangouts. When I tried to re-read his profile on OK Cupid, he had disconnected me. I asked why, he said it was probably because he was not entering there anymore as he had all he needed on me. Like, really? I led him on, I did, even though I knew it was a lie. He then disappeared for one day.

EXACTLY one month after we start talking he comes back again and says to me: My phone got ruined. I am glad the board here provided a desktop for me so I could talk to you, I would be so desperate. I asked: why dont you buy one on the internet? He says: well, here is a construction site, nobody can get in, I cant access my account and this job don't have a payment, only a huge payoff at the end.

I said: Ok, so you are on a HUGE contract, they are going to pay you 1.2 Million dollars, but they can't help this amazing professional who they need to perform with a simple phone? He said: No, I am just a worker here, etc. I said, knowing he was a scammer: well, if you give me your address, I can send you a simple phone through the internet. He them, says: Oh, I am so relieved you
offered. I was thinking of the new Samsung galaxy and since you are buying it, you could also buy one for my daughter in Italy.

I said, well, I was thinking only to send a simple thing so you can survive until the end of the bridge construction (according to him in a month). After a while, he agrees with the simple phone. But as the site is apparently on another dimension not accessible to any person, he asks me to wire the money to someone in the US who would buy the phone and send it to a flight agent who is on site with him and will deliver it. This took about 3 days, of me stressing him.

When I finally convinced him that MONEY i would not send. That is when I convinced him to give me an address to deliver the phone via Amazon. At this point he was being really rude and all the love and crazy talk stopped. But. HE DID SEND ME HIS ADDRESS AND NAME.

Suddenly, a Nigerian name appeared on the picture. And an address also, a hostel. I lead him on for a little bit more. The next day, I said to him that I wouldnt need to send the phone to that address - which is not in Kiev, but in Dnipro, 6 hours far from where he claimed to be.

I said I had the perfect solution. I said to him, when we just start taking, that I dated a consul on Eastern Europe (which is true) and I used this story: Dont be jealous, babe. But I contacted my consul friend and he knows the Ukranian Consul in Kiev. And he is going to deliver it directly to you, on hand! And as this old boyfriend is my friend now, he offered to buy the expensive model you wanted at first.

WELL. THINK of a guy nervous. He said that is no way the flight agent would go to the Embassy to pick it up or someone would be allowed to deliver it to him at this crazy place where no one is allowed to get near. Well, of course, I open the game and said: Michael, you are in fact the Nigerian friend you said to send the phone to.

He, of course, said I was crazy, and a man like him would never be with a liar like myself. The end. :)

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May 26, 2024
Wade Taylor from Italy
by: Anonymous

Told me his name is Wade Taylor. 42, divorced and has a 12 year old son. Pretty much the same story as the others. I saw where one of you had video chats with him. Is he the person in the pictures he sent to you?

May 09, 2022
by: Anonymous

I met him in April 2019. I knew nothing about Romance scams and I fell for it hook line and sinker. I had just gotten out of a 10 year relationship a full advantage. Went by the name James Alexandra Walker from Milan Italy. Parents are both doctors and killed in a car crash when he was 17. Moved to California to be with Aunt & Uncle and while their the Aunt was killed, uncle became abusive alcoholic and then committed suicide.

We video chatted on hangouts for three months every day for hours before hitting a big contract to build a bridge in China as he was a architectural engineer going to be making 1.5 mill for the job. Would be back in three or four months, in time for Thanksgiving to meet my family.

Convinced me to sell my home in New York and move with him to California and from that point on they were constant financial issues including being sick, the company not giving him enough food to eat and he was starving and lost 40 pounds.

Daughter Diana 12 years old living in Italy with godmother and I needed to be in touch with her as well since I would be adopting her when we got married. So I sent them both phones to his contact in Nigeria, name: Justeen Onouha in Port Harcourt Nigeria. Because we had spoken on video phone for so long I believed his story and his daughter needed help because now the godmother was not getting money from him and she was being beaten because of it.

He conned me out of a lot of money and made me sell my house in New York. I’m on the other side of this now but every once in a while he emails me to tell me that he’s sorry and that his name is Richard Anyaegbu who just happens to be the same name as a professional soccer player.

This guy is dangerous if you don’t know anything about Romance scams. He swears now that he is going to pay me back every cent and that he was not a piece of crap I claimed him to be. I told him that his parents must be rolling over in their grave knowing what a piece of scum he is.

But apparently questioning his morals as a decent human being changed his tune for some reason and he now wants to try to prove to me that he is a good person and intends on paying me back all the money I sent him. We all know how that story ends!

Does anybody know what his real name is?

Dec 07, 2020
Figured something was up
by: AMR

I had a very similar experience with this person. Same pictures, similar story. He keeps the main elements of his story basically the same. Guess that makes it easier to keep the lie going. He hasn't asked me for money yet, but assume it's coming. He told me today (after 1 week of chatting), that he loved me.

Close out your conversations with him as quickly as you can.

Oct 25, 2020
Scam aware
by: Wiets

I know this guy from Instagram. Said his name is Ben Anderson (nickname Andy). His story is he would be from Boston MA, works as a civil engineer there. His mom died and his father left and he had no idea where his father would be.
No kids, and turned 40 at sept 17th.

I have a ton of new pics from him, trying to find the real person but can’t. Have a phone number listed in Springfield ma. From out of the blue he said had an accident and needed stitches, pictures he send me were fake!

When I confronted him his answer was: I wanted to see how much you love me and he wanted €300,-

Be careful when you get a request from this person...it’s not real!!

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