Michael Howard Doctor in Washington DC COVID-19 Scam

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


This man says he met you on the game Words With Friends. Only thing is he didn't. If he did it was as William Howard and he is on the game and emails are swapped to go to Hangouts. He was the only one who got my email and then immediately 3 chat invites appeared. So it is either 1 man operating with 3 names or colleagues swapping emails.

Michael Howard says he is from the United States and living in Washington DC. He owns a small hospital which he bought after working for the government. This looks like a COVID-19 scam as he says he is dealing with the pandemic and saving people's lives. He lost his wife 7 years ago in a car accident with no children but a dog called Wealth.

That is all you can get out of him other than an attempt to name the hospital as follows;

Him: I work for MedStar Georgetown Unicer airy hospital.

I'm not as stupid as him as below is the link to the hospital he "owns"


He must really think others are as daft as him. Georgetown University Hospital.

Him: Yes being a doctor I kind of busy, busy saving people life’s

Him: Now on this covid 19 pandemic, we the doctors are always working everyday to save Life

Me: That's very dangerous for you

Him: Yes, I pray I don’t get effected with this virus, but I’m always keeping my distance and staying safe

How bad is his spelling and writing? No American doctor is going to write like that and he turns to the usual Nigerian scam questions.

Are you married?
Do you have children?
What is your favourite colour?
What are your likes and dislikes?
What food do you like?
Have you been online dating for long? It's a game and you're a mate or different name
What is your time?
Have you eaten (insert appropriate meal)
What are you having for (insert appropriate meal)

He continues and develops feelings for you rapidly. You may not have expressed much sentiment towards him but the script is important. So the loving stickers, emoji and YouTube songs start to appear.

He is always busy with work so not around as much as the others. He either forgets what you've told him or someone else is talking with you as well. The same questions are asked that they should know the answers to, like, my relationship status.Soon the texts become long as love gets turned up and he speaks of being with you when the pandemic is over.

The only medical talk he has is when you raise new issues on the pandemic to hom. A long pause takes place before a response. Then a reply which is what whoever they are has just searched on the web about what's been said.

Me: They said they could do hundreds of millions of vaccinations next year

Him: Pfizer is one of the healthcare company that’s working on a vaccine that can cure covid 19, the scientist officer, DR. Mikael Dolsten said the potential treatment has shown sign that the vaccine will work on covid 19 patients

The whole story is unbelievable once he says which hospital he owns. I named it and you can see it and a search
reveals it isn't owned by an individual. So we'll skip straight to his scam which is also unbelievable as that hospital isn't going to ask a doctor to pay for broken equipment.

It does appear I'm talking with more than one person as the spelling and grammar changes from day to day. They again forget what i've told them about myself and repeat questions.

Him: I’m working on that, and I need new operation machine..

Him: Definitely working on that now.

Him: Yes

Him: Thanks

Me: Oh okay (I'm clueless as it's so out of context with what we were discussing)

Him: Doctors and nurses are saving the world.

Him: God bless them

Him: They are our hero’s

Edit: The part about the machine wasn't meant for me, yet. He does it again with a name too. To the scam;

Him: I’m out of equipment in m hospital. Out of medicine

Him: My operation and surgery machine stop working last week, and I need to get them before this week runs out

Me: Oh what has gone wrong?

Him: My surgery machine has a little fault

Him: So it stops working, try to fix it but same issue keep happening

Him: So I guess I need to buy a new one next week

Him: It’s what I use almost three times a week

Him: I need to get it as soon as possible

Him: Or I will be ******

Him: This is a pain in the ***

Me: Oh wow. So what will you do?

Him: I just have to make new orders of everything I needed tomorrow

Edit to the next week and his need for the equipment;

Him: Remember I told you I need some supply of medical stuff at my hospital?

Him: I just apply this morning and they was not enough money to purchase them, the total amount was $30,000 , but I have $23,000 so I will need your help to help me with the remain of this $7,000.

Him: I promise to pay you back as soon as I get everything settled okay...

Him: I really do need your help at this moment okay..

Me: Okay what do you want me to do?

Him: I need you to assist me on me, I need your help with $7,000 to help complete the money for my equipment, I will pay you back.

Me: Okay then send me your bank account number and I’ll send you the money when I wake up

Him: Okay honey, thanks a lot, I do appreciate your help..

Him: I will have to send you my bitcoin wallet because banks are not working fast now because of the covid 19, and I still need to go into the bank before I can get the money out of my bank account.

Him: This is my Bitcoin address

Him: 3Lp9JLGQdU4bGBFdsmzAj1pYRzQWpQk8Yy

Him: 3Lp9JLGQdU4bGBFdsmzAj1pYRzQWpQk8Yy

End of scam. So, Georgetown University Hospital, which he claims he owns, wants $7000 in Bitcoin to pay for "equipment" he doesn't know anything about. Look at what he says about the bank account. Nothing at all. An American doctor can't go to a bank?

These people have no moral compass and this scam shows them for the criminals they really are to take advantage of the pandemic in such a way.

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