Met scammer through Instagram

by Rens
(Tilburg the netherlands)

Right of the bat she liked all my stuff. We started messaging, and we really hit it off. She asked me if I used signal so I got that and we spoke on there for a while.

This is where it gets interesting because she didn't ask for money as the majority about where we were chatting was just how she really enjoys my company and some lie about her ex boyfriend.

She shared me her full address and passport (this will be important later) and the pictures she sent me regularly were pics that were the things she was doing at that given moment like going to the gym, work etc.

It wasn't until today when she did ask if I could pay for her and her cousins dinner and then I grew skeptical as she asked me if I used steam or amazon and I do so I paid for a 5 euro gift card. She asked for 40 but I was smart and tried a smaller amount to see if it worked.

She said it works! and thanked me for it, but later I was able to redeem it and my suspicion only grew< as I started looking at all the photos and running them through reverse image software and keep getting 0 hits.. until I remembered her passport.. and funny story as it's the same passport as the one that's on this website (that is how I got here).

I'm also great at photoshop so I could immediately tell there was something off. My tip for future scams is do the catfish test. Let them draw something you come up with on the spot and change photos and if the photo looks hellava blurry or if its only the picture it's a red flag (the picture should contain her full body + face + picture).

There you have it - my scam story.

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