Mechanical engineer/ oil-rig scam

by Chuno

Scam: Someone using the name ‘Barak Altan’ and using the photos of a very good looking man is in coffee meets bagel app. Claims to be Polish, living in London for 4 years now and working for Ensco Plc as a mechanical engineer.

Met him online and asked me to add him on Kik (1st flag - this app is mainly used by scammers because you don’t need a number); He claims to be sent offshore for 1 month work in Texas and that he would be back in the UK (London) after the month stint in Texas oil rig.

Became really sweet and had flowery words very quickly! Always calling you babe, sweetheart, baby, etc.

I tried to get him to use the video call option and when he would use it he would (i guess) block the camera (so I couldn’t see him) and pretend he couldn’t hear me and couldn’t see me.

I kept testing him and asked him to send photos. Until he made the mistake of initiating video call and forgetting to block the camera and I saw him. He is totally different from the man he claims to be. This guy was a black man.

I have nothing against black men, but he has misrepresented himself and if I didn’t find out, he would have tried to take advantage of me by asking money, etc.

Girls be careful out there!

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Feb 15, 2018
He’s a total creep scammer
by: Anonymous

Yikes - he’s going by the name of Williams Robert

Beware Ladies - don’t be direct with him or he’ll lose his abuse on you! And it’s not fun - then he tries to contact you again totally changing the subject - it’s abject behaviour!

Thanks for posting this !

Thank you so much.

Jan 08, 2018
He's a scammer!!!
by: Anonymous

This guy almost got me - at some point, he made up a story where he had gotten on to the oil rig and had forgotten an instrument that he needed for his "job" and began to ask for $2K. He tried pressuring me consistently after saying no, and smelling a scam, I blocked him from my phone.

GIRLS BEWARE!!!! He is very charming and will get you to trust him enough to sneak his scam in.

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