had to go to nigeria to check on electronics shipment

by r rodgers
(washington state)


Met this guy on looking man with 2 home with a business selling electronics worldwide to infant companies.

Been divorced 4 years, has a son named tanner and a daughter living in cali with his brother( supposedly).

After 5th email, told me loved me, then wanted me to close my match.dom subscription, because he claimed he closed his because he loved me.....his letters became more and more over the top romantic.

We exchanged pics of him and "his" kids, and me and mine. I thought he was the real deal..(told me his background, born and raised in Italy, city of Bologna, parents died in car accident, his son..daddys boy lives with him.

He caught his wife cheating on him with his best friend..even had pics of him and his friends at a party). But found out otherwise. He goes by Larry Delbert or He "ended" up going to Nigeria, had problems with paying $ for his electronic fees from customs, got into a cab accident-ended up in hospital, got robbed, got arrested for non payment of rent, then on the day to fly home..he was arrested for drugs at an airport and needed bail $.

I was his "only" person to help..couldnt get a hold of bro for help...even though his son was there. He sent pics of himself from his apt...and the coast of africa, even the containers at the dock...when questioned about his tattoos, he said he only had 1...but the pics sent CLEARLY showed 2 large tats 1 on either arm (barbed wire tat on right and lager bull head or tauras on the left shoulder)

His profile on match .com was only there for 2 said he lived in seattle...and i questioned him on where he lived...i thought Spokane..and he said he was from Spokane...hes evasive on answering questions...but can be overly romantic.

I even gave him my phone # and cell to be
in touch...the first call from "africa" i could hardly make out what he was saying...him being Italian and living in couldnt understand his english.

He had supporting people to whom I corrosponded with...a customs officer at the dock Michael Stephen (10 bale street, nigeria city lagos code 23401) and his police officer at the jail..where is detained a mr. Dennice,( efcc manager who after I started to talk to started to sound romantic and "godly" just like Larry himself.

It didnt add up at all...and he kept hammering me to send $ to help him..the pressure, because we loved each other..he wanted me to be his wife...we never met....i tried to google him, his seattle location, nothing came up...i told him this..he said look up Larry f Delbert...still nothing.

He gave me an address for his brother in Farmersville ca.675 Farmersville Blvd, CA..92332 he didnt come up as a relative, and the Seattle address is a apt complex.( 1942 westlake ave, #2307)..he said he owned a home.

Watch out for this person, he's charming and nice pics, but after looking into this Nigeria scams and relative sites, he fits this to a tee...even wanting me to get a messenger account for talking..he wants $ via money gram and not sent in his name..but to Michael Stephen the customs officer.

Watch out ladies..he's slick..needed bail on xmas eve??...what a crock, they let him use a laptop in jail to communicate with me, and the investigating officer said after further investigation, Larry has millions of dollars worth of goods on the docks...why would the officer say that, let alone ask me if I believed in god, because he lost the love of his life and me and Larry make the perfect couple and then starts with some lovey crap.

Not a professional stance law enforcement professionals take or even speak of...even after being arrested in a foriegn country being a drug mule...unknowingly

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Jan 03, 2013
Lets stop this
by: Anonymous

So typical. It's always something happening in Nigeria, it's always single fathers with tragic back ground and always there is no one else in the world to help but you.

Its time to stop these scammers. The modus operandi is so steady that would be easy to police to locate the scammers. If they are giving a name for the money grams transfer it just needs a simple operation to catch these people.

Many women had fall for this crap and lost lots of money, but the worse part is the abuse of the victim's feelings.

Dec 27, 2012
hes baaaaack
by: r rodgers

Its december 27, he's called my cell 4 times since 3:30am this morning, and 3 times my home phone..left 1 message..just hello?..hello?

Ladies..he's calling from the same number I gave let him outta jail already? ( on a drug trafficking charge with NO bail..huh?) or is he still there? with a cell phone and his laptop??..he left me a instant mess I found this morning.

He's CRYING..OMG..hahahahahahahahahah..GOOD...HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT IM GONNA DO TO HIM!!!!!!!!

Dec 26, 2012
more info on larry delbert
by: r rodgers

The phone number he gave me, the phone the dr. gave him in the hospital after his cab accident is
# +234-806-595-1151

After reading thru all these letters people wrote..I found 1 more thing in common...everytime he wanted $ sent it was to the city of LAGOS, just hit me....thought i'd share that also.

If anyone comes across this was provided to me by Larry Delbert...also Googled it also came up as Lary DILBERT.....just for anybodys else who needs to compare their information

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