by Sharon Henson
(Springfield, Oregon)

So I decided to try the online dating thing again. Having been a recent victim of a online dating scam, I feel I am more prepared and know what to look for. I have posted a few of my own stories on this site - Steve Vig: Oil Rig Engineer and Sharon Henson, My Story.

I will never be taken for a victim again. His user name on is HappyFace. Says he is from Sherwood, Oregon. Worked for BP Oil & Gas Company but retired three years ago. He is now self employed and still works for oil companies.

He emailed me a few times, and says his name is Tim Vassallo but his email address is;

His email was so familiar. Wife cheated on him, and they are now divorced. He has two small sons who live with their mother. He wanted to know what I wanted in a relationship. He said he believed that true love meant you were willing to put the one you loved before yourself and do whatever they needed and did I agree.

That is just a way to know if you are willing to send them money when they need it. I called him out in my last email to him. Wanted to know why his last name is Vassallo but his email looks like his last name is Marsh. I asked him where they all come from and why not get a real job and leave lonely women, who just want to be loved, alone and not steal their hearts and money. I never heard from him again. Just wanted to share his pictures and let others know.


Sharon Henson

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Jul 17, 2018
by: Anonymous

Sorry Ladies:

Sounds like a case of really low self esteem and self worth. Please seek help. It's out there.

I mean really, who falls for empty words and for someone they've never met in person.

May 27, 2018
by: Anonymous

He is now going by the name of Andy March Canadian soldier

Aug 27, 2017
Thanks Susan
by: Anonymous

I always google men before I agree to meet and found your post. Thanks for taking the time to write to warn women about him.

Jul 21, 2017
New name timmysoulmate
by: Susan

His story hasn't changed much!! Same junk about the cheating ex wife and kids. Same work history. For me he professed his love and all but demanded I tell him I love him (which I did not do) and then he went to Malaysia for a month to do a job for the Chinese and didn't have the money to pay the VAT tax and was stuck there till he could get the money.

He even sent me a pic of the check he received for the job. A hand written check to Timmy M. Vassallo on what looks like a legit Malaysian bank (if you google it) for 11,500,000.00 Riggits- which is their currency. He sent pics of the city etc.

He also has more that one name for me and when I questioned him - asked him what is your name? He was shocked.

His email was

but he told me his name is Tim Marsh. Then after I asked he said Marsh Vassallo. I looked on FB and found a Marsh Vassallo but it's just a skeleton page mostly.

He has more than 1 phone! He has a Pa, Seattle one and one that even had Malaysia for called ID!!!

We never met and yet he told me he could see us walking down the aisle etc....!!! The crazy thing is he kept on when I told him I was not looking to marry and that no one falls that hard over pics and a few texts.

He's persistent! Says his dog's name is Scotty.

So watch out ladies!!!

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