story-Noah Alonso

by Emily Brown
(Allentown PA,USA)

On 12/05 I was on and my profile was favorited by a male professing to be a civil engineer who lived in Philadelphia. He stated he had recently moved there from Sugarland TX.

Was divorced 6 years and was originally from Holland. He said he was adopted and had wonderful parents. We emailed each other eventually talking on the phone. We were to meet on a Saturday however he stated he had made a presentation to a firm from scotland and now they were flying him there to present it to the board of directors.

He even took a picture of himself supposedly on the airplane to Scotland. We spoke from Scotland, the international code was that of Scotland and his cell phone number was area code 215 which is a Philadelphia area code. He then told me he won the contract and he was going to Ghana to work on an abandoned coal mine. He called me from Ghana and the country code was from Ghana. Occasionally he called using his cell phone but reception was poor.

Over the course of 3 weeks he professed how much he loved me and how we would be together forever. This went on until 12/22. I received an email stating that he only had 5k on him in travelers checks and needed to pay 15k in taxes so he could pay his employees.

I hesitated and was unsure but he finally convinced me to wire the money to him and he would pay me back when he came home on the 28th. I did wire him the money. He also asked me to take a picture of the wire transaction and send it to him which I did. I thought this was to protect me.

On 12/23 he wrote and told me one of his machines had broken down and he would need 30k to have the engineer fix it and could I send him this money. I told him I did not have that money and he asked me to take a loan at the bank. I told him I could not do this and after that it got ugly because he knew I was onto the scam.

He said he still loved me and was not sure who was putting ideas into my head that he was a scammer but he was not and i would be sorry. I have survived many things in my life.

PTSD, verbal, sexual and physical abuse. I am also a breast cancer survivor but by far this is the worst thing that has happened to me. I have scars from my breast surgery and thought no one could love me because of that so i fell for this.

Now I have this scar that will wound me forever

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Aug 10, 2016
Noah Alonso again
by: Anonymous

Thank you, Emily...he showed up on another site and was starting the full court press.

Something was off and I appreciate your imput

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