SHAWN W GEORGE / DEA Agent to CEO-Atlantic Global Limited SCAMMER!

Supposed CEO of global rigging company yet web photo of "Shawn W. George", CEO, is a man wearing an open collar casual cotton shirt and is standing casually in front of a sign or wall (obviously cropped).

Most CEOs of global companies have professional headshots and are wearing a suit and tie. The font used in his contact info on the phony company website is clearly different than the rest of the site and there are spacing errors. The phone number listed (to contact the CEO) is the same number as the cell phone he's been calling from.

He also said he was a widower (wife died in a car crash) and has two kids...a daughter and a son. He must be one of the so-called sophisticated scammers because he sent flowers within a couple of days of meeting on Another red flag is that "Shawn" supposedly was a US DEA agent but quit after a few years. How can someone go from being a DEA agent to the CEO of a global corporation in such a short time?

In less than 2 weeks he was chatting up a storm, sending photos, was going to visit from FL (where he "lives"), couldn't wait to meet, etc. then out of the blue emails screen shots of a bank account along with an account number and password and asked for $5000 to help get his rigs back from China! Even though he had $13,000,000+ in an account (according to the screenshot of the bank account - which incidentally was not even a legit bank), the bank was holding him up because he recently transferred $400K and there was a freeze on his account.

He couldn't wait a few days. Really? I really don't understand how people fall for these scams...what, in any of this, sounds appealing or legitimate? A complete stranger, after chatting online for a few days, weeks, months, out of the blue asks for money. If that's not an immediate red flag, I don't know what is.


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Oct 16, 2018
Ramos Zubigary
by: Anonymous

Same guy on Match with absolutely identical history and pictures. Unfortunately, it is the second time I got scammers on a dating site. And fortunately that is why it took me 2 days to figure it out.

Beware of Ramos Zubigary

Mar 04, 2018
Nigerian Scammer
by: Jenny

Well I have found out the hard way. I cannot believe that I was stupid enough to chat to a guy for four years on whatsapp and send him money because he had shown me his real picture and I had video called with him etc that he was sincere.

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