Nick-Dear ( Nick Byers)

by Diana

I was not scammed for any money because I was suspicious and checked out this site! I am a 55 year old widow who posted a profile on

I immediately was contacted by a very attractive man who lived 5 miles from me. He quickly wanted to text and e mail and claimed to be an engineer. After 2 days he started talking love and marriage (who does that?).

I also noticed his spelling and grammar were poor and he avoided phone contact. He is using the profile pics of Nick D Byers from Facebook. After a week he said he had to go to Africa, Nigeria to be specific for a job. I then was really suspicious and found this site and low and behold his picture is on here!

When I exposed him I stopped hearing from him (what a surprise) If it looks and sounds too good to be true it probably is. The tips about grammar and spelling were for sure helpful.

Also someone claiming love and commitment without ever meeting you.

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Mar 05, 2013
Trying to talk his way out
by: Diane Stigile

Notice the way his response is written. Who in this country writes that way? Also he did profess love and wanted to have a happy life together after 2 or 3 days.

And why is his picture on this site as one used in scams? He also sent me poetry that was so silly it had been copied off another site. The way I see it he is making excuses for himself.

One final question is what is he doing cruising this site anyway?

If it writes like a scammer, talks like a scammer, acts like a scammer, and looks like a scammer--guess what?

Mar 05, 2013
Pls ignore Diane stigle
by: Anonymous

Please, I want you all to ignore this story by Diane Stigle.

I never asked her for marriage or some thing related.

I will never ask money from someone, I am very much okay and I enjoy my work.

I don't know when it was a crime to travel outside country and still trying to stay in touch with friends.

I spent only a week and now I am back.

I do not know why she is doing this but I think she is silly, I used to contact her before I travel and I couldn't write much because I was away.

Only God knows what she is thinking.


Nick .

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