by Anonymous
(San Fernando, CA)

Ladies, BEWARE of a man named Mason Anderson. SUPPOSEDLY he renovates and builds oil refineries (DON'T THEY ALL?) and was in Canada, and recently sent to Scotland. Claims he is widowed with a 14 (soon to be 15) year old daughter named Presley (yeah I think they steal it from Elvis since the majority of them have the same name).

Says she's in a private school in Switzerland and is on the KIK app. Per "MASON" it's the only app that school allows them to have (YEAH RIGHT). Said he's been widowed for 6 years and is "missing the best years of my daughter's life). Started in that he has no idea when she doesn't talk to him for a few ays if she's mad at him, because he works so much, what's going on with school, or if she's hiding something.

Asked him if he has access to info through the school website and he replied "well I think I could, but I'd have to ask he guardian). SERIOUSLY? What parent has NO access to any info at their child's shool when they're SUPPOSEDLY paying thousands to have them there? None that I know of. When I asked him who her guardian is, he replied that "a close friend of my late wife. She moved to Switzerland to be closer to Presley". YEAH SURE SHE DID. Then I start getting messages from Presley calling me "MOM" and asking me about my family, pets, what do I like to do, etc.

Tells me she turns 15 in April, so I pushed the envelope and asked her what she likes. She replies back "oh Amazon cards, itunes cards so I can read and play games, or whatever my dad shops and buys me. So when I come to visit are you going to take me shopping or interesting places to visit mom"? I replied back "oh wherever or whatever your "father" suggests". I ask "Mason" yesterday if he had spoke to his daughter and
said anything about coming home to visit, and no reply. Didn't hear a word from him till today. I had sent a message stating "it certainly seems when I ask questions you're no where to be found, and then the question never gets addressed".

I get an IMMEDIATE nasty reply from him telling me how sick he is when he makes an error that I run it in his face, how he's not perfect, and the questions I ask aren't on his top priority of things to address. I replied back "Wow SOMEONE is certainly testy today". To which he said "No I'm just over getting things thrown at me if I make a mistake and fall asleep and you don't want to let it go. I don't with all this".

I sent an LOL text telling him FLAT OUT I was MORE than aware that he's a scammer, and how HYSTERICAL it was to not seem him online for hours, then I see him, how he claims that he's not on, it's his phone that automatically logs him him, and how it's so COINCIDENTAL how he and "Presley" are online at the EXACT same time, yet they haven't spoke to each other. Told him "it's so easy to see you and Presley are one and the same, and by the way, what part of Nigeria do you hail from?

You're a typical scammer, you ask the SAME questions, and just so you know, ANY man who asks "how'd you sleep last night, did you eat breakfast yet, and how's your health" SMELLS OF BEING A SCAMMER. No NORMAL man EVER asks tho because it's not on their radar, so you might want to adjust your script". He replies back "are you done? You should've just told me your suspicions before I wasted all this time when I could've been more productive with someone else".

The idiot actually ADMITTED IT!!!

Remember Mason Anderson, and Presley Anderson. He's on, POF, and Coffee meets Bagel.


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May 08, 2024
Mason Anderson
by: Anonymous

Yes he is still active in 2024. His daughter is 21 and her name is Katie!

He even sent me flowers!

Mar 14, 2019
Great job
by: Anonymous

Way to go. I love that you wasted the scammers time and many times it is more than one person working the scam, lol that is why they get confused, or are scamming several people at the same time. You did a great job.

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