Mars Mario Furry AKA Shane Mario Antony or Anthony

by Elaine
(San Francisco )

Mars Furry or Shane Antony

Mars Furry or Shane Antony

Mars Mario Furry or Shane Mario Antony or Anthony is a total scammer and con man. He contacts a women then starts to talk to her on other forms, ask for cell phone number, email or Viber or Hangouts. He starts to send poems of love and showers you with attention.

After awhile when he thinks he has sucked you in with all his promises of love and he will start with saying he wants to marry you and take care of you. He says he is from Milan but now lives in San Francisco. When I asked questions about the Bay Area I was already suspicious. I lived in the Bay Area and it seems I knew it better than he did.

He said he was a widower with two kids, Mak and Donna. After months of calls and chats he says he got a civil engineering job in London. He even sent very poor copies of the contract. The address on the forms were in NY not London. I told him there was no such place. He said that’s what they gave him.

Eventually he claims one of his machines broke. He needs money to fix it and wants your help. If you don’t help he try’s the guilt trip and promises to take care of you when he gets home. Of course I wouldn’t give him a dime as too many red flags. He then accidentally sent me his Viber feed. He said don’t open it because there was a virus.

There was NO virus but a list of all the other women he was trying to con on his Viber feed.

What a scum bag. Likes to prey on widows especially. He says he is a widower and his late wife is named Beth. Of course that was one of his many lies. He also mentions god and being a god fearing man. Wants you to trust him so he says he’s very religious. Says he goes to church every Sunday and prays for us and our future relationship.

He is good at what he does but refuses to answer simple questions, like what is the name of the company you work for in San Francisco? Changes the subject and starts talking about how much he loves you etc. Stay away from this monster.

He’s evil!

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