Marriage fraud perpetuated by Dr. Daniel Simons and Vivien Simons nee Ageyman or Ayegman formerly of Ghana Africa

by Sherry

Was married before in Ghana Africa and engaged in an illegal Canadian marriage transaction. Scammer. Also told American Express he was moving Papua New Guinea - Really.

Yeah right.

He owed them a lot of money

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Feb 21, 2020
Daniel Nei Teko Simons
by: Anonymous

He is working in Vancouver Island University although he told all his credits he had moved to Papau, New Guinea. Polygamy is a crime in Canada and he was married already to Vivian Ayegman or Ageyman. Sophie Dunbar currently working at Simon Fraser University of Burnaby advised me of this some time back. Dr.Joseph Mensah of York University use to be a friend of his years back as well so would know about this situation.

It is illegal to marry a person in Canada when you are already married to another person. Not to mention the creditor who called me to tell me he was in debt to the tune of the upper range of either 5 or 6 figures. Students in Canada use to get a 900 prefix social insurance number which apparently can be changed on achieving status so therefore outstanding debts can potentially become untraceable.

I believe his wife is working as a nurse and they both reside together in Nanaimo, B. c. Canada. Part of the details outlined here I acquired when I sat down with a reporter from the Sun Newspaper of Vancouver. (ie 900 prefix SIN). I found multiple passports with Vivian's name in Daniel's suitcase along with articles of clothing that belonged to her as well in our storage container. Daniel Simons also struck, necessitating that I call the police on him. Daniel was found in a compromising position with a student Heather (blonde, blue eyes, pink sweat pants) when I came home from work.

He was boiling eggs on the stove in his white Stanfield underwear and blue and white striped dress shirt and Heather was sitting on my couch She was underage and living in her parents home. I had caller display and called her father immediately after they left the condo in separate directions. I called and reported this situation to the appropriate authorities at Simons Fraser University where he completing or supposedly was his Ph.D. at the time. The last thing I actually expected was to have this very large man strike me in the head like he did.

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