Mark Jackson U.S. Military Children's Charity Scam

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers


Mark Jackson is on Scrabble GO and his scam is similar to that of Harry Larson. All very quick once you go to Hangouts. He has two children living with a caregiver in Arizona. He is phishing my alias with the scripted questions and giving a little about himself.

Him: Do you live alone ??

Me: Yes

Him: Oh ok. My kids lives with they caregiver

Him: Do you own a house ?

Me: Why not with you?

Him: Because I’m outta the states now, I’m stationed in Iraq now.

Him: I’m a special sergeant in the military Army

Me: Okay

Me: Okay and what do you do in Iraq?

Him: I’m a special sergeant so I’m needed to ensure that every daily delivery works are done and the to ensure the management of the Basement

Him: I'm under scorpion squad Pdk107 if you know what it means

Him: What is your occupation ?

Me: No I don't know what Pdk 107 is. Should I?

Edit and snip: You can see their well rehearsed scripted questions and they continue. Like them all he lost his wife;

Him: Since my ex died I’ve never dated been single and wishing to get a woman like you that is as beautiful as you are and caring also adorable like you

Him: Your really nice and I’ve been admiring you

Him: Can’t believe I’ve been looking at your pic for hours now

Me: That's very kind of you but I love being single and don't want a relationship

Edit and snip: He has a dog also called Jackson. His children are David 11 and Lisa 6. They continue to push their love on you and the talk goes on for a few days until the children are dying. At first it seems to be he wants you to take delivery of a box though it changes to a children's charity donation.

Him: Would you be able to help me keep a box safe with you.? I’m planing on coming over even before we met but I’m gonna take it as an opportunity to meet you, I’d be Queensland

Him: It’s not safe here with me. I wanna come over to get a company starter under me... it’s gonna be the first huge investment I’m gonna be doing

Him: I’m opening a Car company and it’s being signed under the U.S military

Me: Wow

Him: I won my award sergeant

Him: So I'm happy

Him: I wanna have I built in Queensland

Him: And one car park to

Me: That's all interesting. Congratulations on your promotion

Him: Yes and thank you so much.

Me: You're welcome

Him: I have about $3million to the Orphans and $5million to beggars on the street

Him: And they was all happy and been thanking me. I also gave free cars to come unfortunates in the streets, and sent money for houses to be built for them

Me: Okay well that's all very charitable

Him: Yes I love giving. But now I tried sending money to disabled I’m unable to due to I have to do some account verification coz my account hasn’t been verified coz over here when you have more than $100 million your account has to be verified every Year.

Him: I want my car company to be one of the best ever

Him: What do you think about me building a car company.?

Edit: I'm worth 100 million, work in an Iraqi basement and don't have a dollar

Me: Ooh wow. What will you do about your account?

Him: I don’t know what I will do about
my account yet, but they Crying thinking I disappointed them by not helping them with the money I promised to help them with

Him: I really wish I could see whom to get that from and pay via transfer air to the person. I felt pity for them especially the one that was bleeding

Me: Okay so what will you do?

Him: I don’t know whom could borrow me little cash for the disabled and I’d pay via transfer coz now I have to be home before my account can be verified and I don’t have my credit card with me.

Him: I need to help those disabled. They are hungry and crying they all sick and getting thin so it hurts me and makes me pity for them.

Me: Okay and how may I help?

Him: I’m not pretty sure if you can borrow me some money to help this disabled. I will pay it back to you as I’d be coming over for my car company project soon. Im just not happy that they are crying some are sick and some haven’t eaten for 6 days now and some for weeks it really makes me sad seeing them in that condition

Him: Please would you help me save their life’s .? I really don’t want them to die of not being helped

Him: I disappointed them so I gotta find a way to help them.

Me: What about your box?

Him: I’m wealthy and love helping is why I’m different from many wealthy men

Him: Yes I had a box but you know the superiors in the military will know if I just take my box coz it was given as an award so they still watch it.

Him: I have to be back home before I can get my account verified. They said it’s because of the huge amount I got inside of the account

Me: Okay

Edit and snip: That's enough to see their scam. Military scams like to use what appears to be a "official" email and this is no different. My alias is to talk with a Madam Donald Susan to make a charitable donation. He goes on about the children and disabled dying;


Him: That’s the commanders email.... email her and ask her how you could help the disables

Him: About 5 of them are really sick now.

Him: They need urgent help

Him: Would you be able to email them now .?

Edit and snip: Over to the email

Me: Hello Madam Donald Susan

Yes it's simply terrible the children dying. I was hoping you could advise an appropriate sum to pay for my friend Mark and a bank account to send a transfer.

I am waiting for that information and when you respond I'll do a transfer

Her: Ok thank you so much we really appreciate. But madam our major problem now is shelter the house that Mr Mark is helping to build hasn’t been roofed yet that is why some of us die and fall so sick coz the rain and sun comes on us. It’s really hurting and we cry everyday, but I believe with your help a lot of life’s will be safe. madam.. I really appreciate you for wanting to help may. God bless you from the Norman’s charity Az.

Edit and snip: I offer $5000 and they send the following account


ACCT NO. : 375007746050

BANK OF AMERICA: 6152 green road HASLETT MI 4884-9788 SWIFT Code: BOFAUS3N

They send images of a charity stolen from Facebook. Emails in use:

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