Mark Donald aka Mark Donad Halliburton Oil Rig Contractor

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of an Innocent Family Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of an Innocent Family Used by Nigerian Scammers


Mark Donald is in the game Words With Friends as Mark D. You move to Hangouts and he strikes up an instant desire for you. As usual you can ask but the answers are not forthcoming on himself. He does the asking and gives little in return though that changes. He says he is 54 from Germany but now in America.

He is an oil contractor for Halliburton on an oil rig on the Gulf of Mexico. Says he is from Texas and has a son called Johnson. There's no mention of a daughter. A few weeks later he does have a daughter and sends pictures of an American girl used in scams. He has 24 people working for him including his assistant manager William who he says has been with him for 20 years.

His email displays the name Mark Donad but he says his name is Mark Donald. Why can't he get that right?

You endure all the usual scam questions about your interests, hobbies, work, finances and family. Soon he is in love with you and he is sending YouTube love songs, love emoji and GIFs.

I call him fishy as the photos are of an innocent man. He says all social media accounts of his were hacked and that the FBI in Florida and California are investigating. I tell him I want an email overnight from his Halliburton corporate email address. I don't get it but he does send a US Passport, a fake Halliburton ID card and what he claims is his German citizenship document. In come more photos and he now has a daughter as well. The work email I asked for is a Gmail account.

Who I am talking with changes after I ignore for a few days.

The whole tone changes with this person. Yes, the love remains but whoever this is makes a real effort to talk about working on an oil rig. To me it sounds like they're lining me up for the scam payment but it's not, yet.

Him: I will speak to the company management Today...they have to turn off the gaslines close in my department area...For security reasons hope you knows what that means honey

That is to say. I can't call or I'll blow up the rig and on we move to a week of love and then in comes Johnson and Sara with emails of their own. They're using the same photos as other scammers claiming to work for Verizon in California. They're also an excuse to sound you out for money but I'm not giving all my time.

Him: Do you remember our daughter birthday was yesterday honey,,she turned 18 and nobody was there to celebrate her birthday with her no family expect her brother John babe

Sara turned 18 and I wasn't around to send gift cards. Johnson has a birthday on July 22nd and Mark's birthday is June 4. By now he is coming to be with you and they seem oblivious to travel restrictions. He did say he was in the Gulf of Mexico and then this;

Him: It will be sup zero for next week...I don't know the men are really complaining about the weather

Him: I hope not cost any kind of delay then..I want them to work and see this contract done as soon as possible babe

Me: What is "sop" zero?

Him: Mean coldest session of the year ..

Me: Ooh that is not good.Yes, you're right that can affect your work

Him: Remember I have only three months to get my contract done and home with you honey

Him: We had a due date too

Me: Yes I recall your contract is coming to an end

Me: Ooh what date is that?

Him: September 20th babe

Edit: So he is in the Gulf of Mexico and worried the season will now be the coldest time of the year. It's the start of the Northern Summer, how can that be? He'll change that to Scotland and even though summer weather there can be harsh it's not as bad as winter. They continue talking about equipment and the need for it to be shipped from China or the USA. It will cost 1 million dollars and he needs it in a hurry.

Him: I contacted the Company in China yesterday and told them all the equipment that i need to order.. they said it takes two weeks to get things ship to the platform here in Scotland and that''s the only quick delivering they
can make here

Me: Ooh okay. Did you ask about air freight?

Him: Everything gonna cost me over a million dollar doe to shipping fees

Me: That is a lot babe.

Him: Yeah...Well i don't care anymore babe..this is the biggest contract i 've ever had in my career and is a contract worth alot of million dollars babe

Edit: This really sounds like the scam. It's not. He's saying I have money and can pay my way in addition to all oil rig romance scams classic it's my last contract on we go for a week and they talk a lot about the equipment from China. They never clarify how it is being shipped but always repeat it'll take two weeks.

It arrives 5 days later

Johnson and Sara are emailing you as their mom and the love flows. The purchase of equipment has wiped him and "William" out and it's time for the scam. This is edited and like Donald Frank, Roland James and William Jackson it takes days.

Him: The purchase i made run out the little cash left in my account babe ,,,the Machines cost me A million dollar and Ten thousand dollar for shipping fees babe

Me: Ooh does your contract cover all that?

Him: I only have three thousand left in hand right now wish is home and away.....

Him: Of cause yes...remember i told you this is the biggest contract i 've ever had in my career babe

Me: Ooh don't you have to finish your contract?

Him: Is a contract awarded to me for the some of 100 Million U.S Dollar honey


Him: Am exhausted right now for the purchase...I didn't realize my food stuff is gone...I got a called from the chefs yesterday that the food stuff is gone and we will need to order food babe

Me: Ooh babe what you doing about that?

Edit. This is being done well over several days and the machine equipment arrives too. He wants my address and the love also flows.

Him: Well remember i told you i 've only %5000 left with me...and that won't be enough for tow three months. i have be ruining around looking for someone to loan me some cash and make sure the food get here next week babe

Me: Ooh okay babe so you need months of food?

Him: I don't want anything to cos delay at this point. i don't care am willing to pay with interest babe

Me: Ooh so I guess you need to do something

Him: Yeah, i'm trying the best i can babe

Him: All am looking for if $15000 three thousand for the shipping fees babe

Me: Ooh so you need $18000?

Him: Yeah

Me: Why doesn’t the company pay babe?

Him: No...Company is not responsible for providing such need in my job babe....Remember this is a contract awarded to me here. i'm responsible for whatever my crew needed to get the contract done and get my paycheck from them.. Not true

Me: Okay

Edit: William's wife uses his car for a loan to raise some of the money then he needs;

Him: Remember i told you about the food stuff yesterday, William's wife got only $4000 as loan with her car for us with am interest of $1000 for three months babe

Me: Ooh but I thought you need $18000 babe

Him: Yeah, remember i have $5000 left with me plus the 4000 from her which is half of the money babe

Him: I have no choice right now, i need your help and support babe

Him: I don't care m willing to pay you back when am done with my contract in two months time babe


Him: Well all i need right now is $9000 honey,,once i have the money completely i have to contact the food agent and make sure the food get here on time

Edit: There it all is a classic oil rig romance scam. Last contract. it's worth $100 million, he'll pay you back when together and he uses an "agent". Halliburton would never allow this to the bank account;

G*** L****
National Australia Bank
ABN 12 004 044 937

G*** L****
Account 12-844-****
Swan Hill Victoria

Another oil rig romance scam. The spelling is very poor but the way they asked was very good. How they continually spoke about buying equipment and always mentioning it is unlike other scams where the problems just seem to appear in a matter of days.

Emails used;

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Feb 19, 2021
by: Anonymous

Guys use different names but the same script. I heard my cook I employ says we're low on food supply. Confused men cant distinguish about the gender of their Offspring. All this sounds like my scammer. My guy had work crew they and needed funds for their vacationing but didn't have money for food.

Yet. This guy travels around the world on many ladies hard earned money. I'd say he is gone three weeks out of month. Yet accident happens and he is gone one year.

It's all lies. Steal, hurt, destroy, kill self esteem and bank accounts. It's not easy to recover when they are gone and not a word and you are left destroyed.

I never gave credit card, bank info. He did try more than once. Be safe.

Good luck there are decent people out there looking for true love. In the end they will give account for the accounts they robbed and hearts they broke. They wont live forever, they will stand before their creator. They will send themselves to hell.

Oct 09, 2020
This is who you are really talking with
by: Biggles777


Good on you for coming here and finding he is a scam. Take a look at the link below and you will see the real person you were corresponding with.

Jul 14, 2020
Donald Mark David UN Doctor in Damascus ,Syria SCAM!!!
by: Anonymous

He asked me to Befriend him on FB, but then immediately requested I Download Hangout App to communicate with him, he stated it was more secure. So I did. He then poured out all his Love to me, His Queen, His Babe. He also talked about God and how he Prayed and God brought him to me. He said he Lives in Columbus, Ohio but is on a 2 yr Contract with the United Nations as a Generalist Specialist Doctor.

He as 13 yr old son in Boarding school in Columbus who's having a Birthday and he cannot send anything to him because of the war zone where he is at. He said He wants to Marry me and I will be his Son's new mother so I must send him a Gift of over $1000-$7000. Otherwise he will be devastated.

His email is on Hangouts and he gave me his Son's email which is

He wanted me to send the Gift in Bitcoin money. He also requested I send him Google Play and Itune Cards as he was all out and really needed them. I was due for a gallbladder surgery and he even told me to wait for him to do it, since his contract would be complete in 7 months.

His photos were of a white man on FB and all his friends were from Nigeria. He also had a very strong Nigerian accent when we spoke. He is very good at lying and making you believe He is Real. Especially when he spoke about God!!!

Fortunately, I was really praying to God and came to this page to confirm my gut feeling that he was a SCAM!!!He Stole this other person photos and identity!!! I never sent him any money!!!


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