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This guy used the name of Mark A (Mark Austin). Based in Australia, Half Australian and French, 2 years widowed 1 son, Civil Engineer, self employed, travels to Malaysia for business contract.

After a few days he is in love, after 1 week of travel in Malaysia his card was not working or blocked by the bank as it was hacked or some other reason and needed help to pay his hotel and food bills.

He speaks and writes very well, but most of the notes were copied from internet and songs, if not aware you will think and will fall at his feet. He looks and sounds very real but his voice does not match his photo just like many other scammers other than he is having good writing and communication skills than can make you not noticed very fast.

Very busy man and cannot send pictures or talk on cam. If you ask for a new photo he will send the same old ones that he has, and will say those are taken at that time and he will also share photos of his house that he owned, his children, his mum and dad. Sister died and was raped, sometimes died in breast cancer, the wife sometimes died by breast cancer sometime on blood cancer sometimes he was divorced too, if not widowed and cheated by his wife, blah blah blah.

Be careful of this so handsome photo being used to scam. linkedin: Mark Austin (Director of Civil Engineering); IG: markaustin3232; Tagged: Mark A; whatsapp:+61488897174

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Apr 18, 2018
Fake Engineer
by: Scammed by Mark Austin

A handsome photo being used to scam. linkedin: Mark Austin (Director of Civil Engineering); IG: markaustin3232 Tagged: Mark A -could be changed now as well, whatsapp:Germany 004915217018301 or Australia 0061488897174, other contact USA 0012816035242 Malaysia 0060166743724

Scammers use many numbers and different names, incase any one is given these contacts he is a scammer!! Last time I knew he was MARK AUSTIN Australian Civil Engineer, travels to Malaysia and many other country.


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